Questions About BioBalance Health

What is BioBalance Health?

BioBalance 4 Women was founded by Dr. Kathy C. Maupin in 2002 to provide bioidentical hormone pellet therapy to women suffering symptoms of menopause. In 2003 Dr. Maupin created BioBalance 4 Men in response to female patients’ requests to provide similar treatment to their husbands who were suffering symptoms of andropause. Since then she has treated thousands men and women with bioidentical hormones. In 2006 Dr. Maupin created her botanical skin care line of spa quality products for dry, oily and normal skin for women and men. In May of 2010 the two companies were combined into one company called BioBalance Health.

Many of our patients have tried various treatments that didn’t work before coming to us. Most people are surprised to hear us say that they are not crazy and their symptoms are not unusual. At BioBalance Health we will continue trying to find a solution for your problems; we do not give up easily. Our patients find hope in knowing that there is something that can be done, although they will be a work in progress for a little while.

How did BioBalance begin?

Dr. Kathy Maupin’s life has been turned around after a hysterectomy at the age of 47. She went to doctors who had no compassion or answers. She finally found a doctor in California who treated her with bioidetical hormone pellets. He trained her on bioidentical hormone pellet therapy so that she could share these amazing results with her patients.

Where is BioBalance Health located?

BioBalance Health’s primary location is 10800 Olive Boulevard in Creve Coeur, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. A secondary office is located in Kansas City at 4400 Broadway in Suite 400. See maps here. BioBalance Health is in the process of setting up affiliate offices in other cities across the United States.

How does BioBalance operate?

We think it is important for patients to understand the thought behind how Dr. Kathy Maupin manages her BioBalance Health practice before we detail the nuts and bolts of the office protocols. Dr. Maupin started BioBalance in 2002, with the goal of offering a specialty service for women and then men, to balance and replace hormones that become deficient as we age. She also wanted to offer an initial consultation that included the preventive services that improve health while the pellet therapy balances the aging mind and body. Lastly, she wanted the treatments to be efficient for busy women and men, while still offering affordable care. Those four goals: Quality, Efficiency, Preventive Care, and Affordability are the goals our office strives to achieve.

Most business books and experts believe that these four qualities cannot be achieved in a business, and that you have to give up something. Dr. Maupin realizes that it is a lofty goal to attempt this type of medical practice, and she acknowledges that even though we try to offer these important qualities, nothing is perfect.

What is the cost of Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Women’s Hormone Therapy Pricing/Bioidentical Pellet Therapy Fee Schedule »

Men’s Hormone Therapy Pricing/Bioidentical Pellet Therapy Fee Schedule »

When will I start to feel better after my first pellet insertion?

We like to give realistic expectations as our patients receive their first pellet insertions. At first, it can take your body some time to distribute and absorb the hormones. The first dose might not be perfect and will need to be adjusted accordingly. Within two through six weeks you should start feeling some improvement in your symptoms. Most patients say their first response is that they start sleeping better and feel more energetic. This first insertion might give you ups and downs as far as how you feel. It can take up to 2 to 3 insertions to get the dose perfect and for the hormones to dissolve evenly in your body. When you reach the point that you are no longer thinking about your hormones and you can just go about your daily business, that is when we know we have reached where we need to be.

How can I become a BioBalance Health patient?

Start by following the instructions listed on this page and filling out the medical history questionnaire.

What can I expect as a pellet patient?

Dr. Maupin says, “I believe if patients know what is ahead of them and enter a practice with reasonable expectations of what we can offer, they will be much happier with their care. Because of this, I would like to disclose the process of how we choose our patients and every step of the care we offer at BioBalance Health.

 First Office Visit:

With the previous goals in mind we set up a system that puts the concentration of my time with you at the beginning of your treatment. When you have your initial visit, we are already armed with your lab, your history and the tests required to treat you safely. You will have a 30- to 45-minute visit with Dr. Maupin to go over your entire medical case, and develop a treatment plan that includes pellet therapy, diet, exercise, treatment of other hormonal abnormalities, and referrals to other specialists who should be involved with your care if I discover other medical illnesses. This approach gives you an overall view of your health, and a plan to improve it!

The day of your consultation you will have your pellets inserted by a BioBalance Health nurse or nurse practitioner, and you will establish the follow up process, and go over the other tasks you have to do to take care of yourself. Your nurse will address any questions in the future pertaining to your pellets, preferably by email. You will receive written instructions on how to care for your insertion site. You will also be given a lab requisition and be asked to have it drawn 3 months after the initial insertion to determine adequacy of dosage.

When you check out after your first visit you will make a follow up appointment for 3 1/2 months with my receptionist. You can choose to have a follow up consultation either with Dr. Maupin or your nurse (it is less expensive). We will discuss your progress, your post-pellet labs and trouble-shoot any less-than-perfect results.

Three Month Follow Up Visit:

This visit is generally with Dr. Maupin to go over your lab and physical results. It is a shorter visit, usually 20 minutes. At this time she will determine when your next pellets should be scheduled and what the next dose should be.

Pellet Insertions: Every 3-6 months for women and every 5-6 months for men

Pellet repeat insertions are performed by the nurses. This is to expedite your visit, so you can come in and get your “maintenance” insertions without much time commitment. The nurses will answer questions based on Dr. Maupin’s protocols and their diagnostic skill. If there are any unusual problems, they will either consult with Dr. Maupin at the time, ask you to make an appointment with her for a follow-up consultation, and or ask you to get additional blood work.

These appointments are meant to address minor adjustments in dosage or side effects, but if you have complicated medical problems, or are having an unusual side-effect the nurses will ask you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maupin.

Yearly Care: Preventive tests and lab

At BioBalance Health we ask that you get the recommended preventive tests by your GYN or Primary Care doctor, and that you report back to us the results. We will not manage the results of these tests, but require that you get them to insure the safety of our treatment.

We may order yearly blood tests to see if your treatment is progressing well. You may opt out of these tests if you have them drawn by another doctor or if you are happy with your dosage and have not had any unusual changes in your health.

To receive the results of these tests we require a follow up consultation at a separate visit from your pellet insertion.

Consultations with Dr. Maupin:

If you require complicated management, this must be done by Dr. Maupin in the office. We are a specialty practice so we do not manage other medical problems outside of our scope. If we are not a specialist in your needed area we will refer you to another type of specialist, instead of requiring another consultation.

Don’t Fix it if it isn’t Broken!

Once we have you on an effective regimen, and you are feeling well, blood work and consultation visits are not required, unless you want them. This is both to save you money and to use our time appropriately. Most medical problems that occur after treatment is on maintenance will have symptoms, so if our patients are feeling great we don’t make them schedule an appointment to pat them on
the head and tell them they are fine!

How does BioBalance Health differ from other clinics?

There are other clinics that specialize in bioidentical hormones, and some even do pellets. The difference in our system and theirs is:

  • We evaluate your blood work without accepting payment ahead of time to see if you are a candidate for therapy.
  • We do not require $1,500-$2,500 to make an appointment, well ahead of the appointment (sometimes 18 months).
  • We schedule within 4 weeks of receiving your blood work and history, if you are a candidate for BioBalance pellets.

Our Outcomes

We have a 90% satisfaction rate, from the patients who are accepted as candidates for therapy. Dr. Maupin has never worked in any area of medicine, or known any doctor who has worked in any specialty who has such a high rate of complete remission of symptoms as we have at BioBalance Health. This practice gives all of us joy because we make people dramatically better every day and we love watching our patients get their lives back!

Patients who choose to stop therapy are generally those patients who are struggling financially, a few who have had vaginal bleeding and who do not want procedures to treat the bleeding, and instead stop treatment, those patients who have side effects to the testosterone and who choose to stop therapy to stop the side effects.

Most of the patients who leave our practice to be treated by other physicians in our area, come right back, because we are better trained and have 9 years of experience. Those who leave for less expensive care return because our BioBalance pellets have been custom made just for our practice and are superior, and you get what you pay for.