About BioBalance Health of St. Louis

BioBalance Health is a medical practice headquartered in St. Louis that is dedicated to treating men and women who are suffering from symptoms of hormone imbalance as they age. Our all-natural bioidentical hormone pellet therapy helps restore the missing hormones essential to having a healthy, middle-aged body. The treatment helps alleviate the symptoms and effects of aging, including insomnia, a diminished sex drive, migraines, hot flashes, and anxiety. BioBalance Health offices in St. Louis and Kansas City have helped changed the lives of thousands of men and women.


















What Sets Us Apart?

At BioBalance Health, we know the importance of assessing each patient individually. We will never run you through the office like you are on a conveyor belt, offering a “one size fits all” treatment. That’s why we have a 95% success rate. We at BioBalance Health are committed to helping you get your life back and we will do everything necessary to make sure you look and feel healthier than you ever have. BioBalance Health prides itself in offering men and women a “one-stop-shop” for all aging needs. We evaluate everything that can be causing your symptoms and inform you of conditions that must be handled by another specialist. We have over 13 years of experience in this medical specialty and we do this full time. Our founder and Medical Director, Dr. Kathy Maupin, has extensive knowledge on hormone therapy, and especially the critical role testosterone plays in staying healthy. She has written one of the first books on the subject of testosterone for women. BioBalance Health has been addressing Testosterone Deficiency online for over 4 years through a weekly video blog about healthy aging and have over 400 Healthcasts that you can access for free! We are here to inform and educate you, offering effective solutions to your symptoms and problems.



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Our History

Dr. Kathy Maupin is the founder and Medical Director of BioBalance Health. She has over 30 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology. In an attempt to get her life back after a near-death experience, Dr. Maupin found the answer to her fatigue, weight gain, depression, and intense migraines in bioidentical hormone pellet therapy. Having discovered the key to healthy aging, Dr. Maupin began her mission to bring this incredibly effective treatment to her patients by creating BioBalance Health. In 2009, Maupin elected to devote 100% of her time to BioBalance Health and has never looked back.

Meet Our Staff

Learn more about the experience and qualifications of the BioBalance Health Medical Director and Staff.