Two New Studies Confirm Aging Men Live Longer with Youthful Levels of Testosterone

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Dr. Kathy Maupin MD – “I have been treating men and women with Testosterone for over 20 years and I concur with how this study plays out in real life”

The medically accepted belief that testosterone is bad for men has finally now been superseded by a huge study from Australia that proves that men with healthy levels of Testosterone live longer and healthier than men with low Testosterone!
All you men who have been told that testosterone is bad for you or will cause prostate cancer by your doctor, you can tell you provider that he or she is out of date! 

At BioBalance Health® we have been treating men with testosterone pellets for years and our patients are our evidence that testosterone not only keeps men’s sexuality healthy, but youthful testosterone blood levels keep men healthy in many ways, eg. strong muscles and bones, excellent immune systems, healthy heart and blood vessels, lean muscle mass and it prevents the diseases of aging too!   I have been treating men and women with Testosterone for over 20 years and I concur with how this study plays out in real life, in my own practice. When my patients replace men’s low testosterone levels with testosterone pellets and they follow my recommendations for a low carbohydrate diet and weight training exercise, supplements and treatment of pre-diabetes and pre-cardiac disease, they live more productive, longer and more enjoyable lives.

My goal for my medical practice is to keep both men and women healthy as they age, and testosterone replacement is the most important necessary element to that end.  My intent is to defeat the aging process with interventions that have the potential to delay the onset of age-related diseases and preserve your ability to live life to its fullest, no matter what age you are!  We have based our treatment on hundreds of other studies that literally studied one symptom of testosterone deficiency or disease of aging at a time in relation to testosterone levels and found bioidentical testosterone to be beneficial to the health and longevity of men. However, we treat all the symptoms of aging and low T with testosterone pellets.

Australia’s Men’s Study found that men who continued to produce normal youthful levels of Testosterone or replace their Testosterone to achieve normal youthful levels lived longer, more active lives than men who let aging take its course and drain them of testosterone! We have known this for two decades and we have treated men and women with testosterone pellets, the most effective and safest way to prescribe T.  Many smaller studies have been done that prove the same thing, but none so dramatic as the latest study we are referencing.

At this point I have two questions to answer for most of your inquiring minds: Why did all the experts tell you that testosterone replacement is dangerous? and, why are the experts in the field of men’s medicine, Urologists, still advising men not to replace their low testosterone as they age? Let me explain that why everyone is so negative about testosterone and why most medical doctors still believe that prescribing testosterone to men is evil.  This all started in the 1950s based on the study of only 3 men, who had had prostate cancer. They said they were testing them to find out if testosterone caused prostate cancer recurrence in men after prostate cancer.  During the study one of the men had a recurrence of prostate cancer when he was given testosterone injections.  In the “olden days” that provided the basis for the belief that Testosterone CAUSED prostate cancer!  The doctor even got a Nobel prize.  Based on this minimal and falsely extrapolated information, 50 years of doctors have been taught that prostate cancer is caused by testosterone, when in reality testosterone is only dangerous if a man already has an aggressive cancer already, will testosterone replacement stimulate the growth of prostate cancer.

This misinterpretation of a faulty medical study has prevented generations of men from being treated with testosterone to prevent diabetes, heart disease, loss of muscle mass and the ability to walk and lift, as well as the inability to have sex throughout their lives.  This has been a grave dis-service to American men, because the world follows us with all of our medical protocols, this misinterpretation and lack of preventive care with T has spread around the world.

The second question you should ask is: Why are the experts in the field of men’s medicine, Urologists, still advising men not to replace their low testosterone as they age? Well, this is not just your doctor’s fault.  Other than being trained by generations of doctors who believed the inaccurate information about the danger of testosterone causing prostate cancer and passing it on, there is a problem with how we train the doctors who take care of men. Urologists are surgeons first and not particularly interested in anything that has to do with preventive medical care.  Their training is based on surgery: they go through a general surgery residency after medical school for 5 years and then do a specialty in urologic surgery which doesn’t include treatment of anything medical or preventive.    More than that, their College of Urologic Surgery and their journal has been blinded by supporting the surgical treatment of prostate cancer, so their motivation to prevent prostate cancer is generally opposite their type of practice of medicine. They can only operate on prostate cancer when a man has it.

Now if you have a penchant for conspiracy theories you may then jump to the conclusion that both the practice of medicine, the business of pharmaceuticals and the government have monetary benefit from keeping all of us sick, and limiting our longevity, since we are a drain on the system after we stop working and live off Social Security and Medicare.  In other words, old Americans don’t provide value to the whole of society.  I contend it is only because we don’t help aging Americans stay productive and healthy that they are a drain on the rest of the population…However, that conspiracy theory is just a theory I have heard from my patients.

This study is big news because it is the most important study that has been allowed through the blockade of powers, to the public!  We at BioBalance Health® can now give you men what you need, and when other doctors criticize our treatment, we can defend our treatment plan with this Australian study and the other hundred studies that came before.  You have your ability to ask for what you need from your doctor, based on sound evidence! The second study is below and was in the Journal of Internal Medicine about the same time as the Australian men’s study.

Study links low testosterone to increased mortality

A study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine found that men with low testosterone levels had a higher risk of all-cause mortality, and those with very low levels also faced an increased risk of cardiovascular mortality. The findings suggest potential links between testosterone concentrations and health outcomes, emphasizing the need for further investigation into underlying mechanisms and potential therapeutic implications.

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