About Dr. Kathy Maupin MD

Author & Authority in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and Medical Director of BioBalance Health®

Kathy Maupin M.D. is the founder and Medical Director of BioBalance Health® and the most experienced hormone doctor in St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri. She practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology for more than 25 years. In 2003, she created BioBalance Health® LLC to help women and men deal with symptoms of testosterone and estradiol deficiency that accompanies aging, by treating her patients with bioidentical hormone pellet treatments. These long-acting pellets are the best way to treat age-related hormone deficiency. Age 40 is the average age women begin to be symptomatic from testosterone deficiency and 55 is the average age men require testosterone treatment. Dr. Maupin personally experienced an abrupt loss of both estradiol and testosterone when she had her ovaries removed at the age of 47. Her search for treatment led her to California and Dr. Gino Tutera who treated her with testosterone and estradiol pellets alleviate the effects of aging in the most natural and effective way. Sex hormones and then trained her to take care of other women with the same symptoms that she had experienced. Dr. Maupin treated her gyn patients who were menopausal with estradiol and testosterone pellets, and she was amazed at how effectively bioidentical hormone pellets worked to bring them back to health, in the same way she had experienced. Dr Maupin was the first doctor in St. Louis and the mid-west to treat testosterone deficiency in women with testosterone pellets and menopause with estradiol pellets. Mainstream medicine had no answers for women symptomatic from loss of their sex hormones in 2003 and still has no FDA testosterone treatment for women.

Throughout her decades of practicing gynecology, Dr. Maupin found that many of the complaints and problems women turn to their doctors for have no standard answer coming from the American College of OBGYN or the FDA. Dr. Maupin admits that her “gift” is finding an answer for problems her patients bring to her that have no known medical answer. In 1986 when Dr. Maupin first began to practice medicine, she had many patients who were in their 70s and 80s who needed a treatment for their symptoms of estrogen deficiency in the form of vaginal dryness and thin vulvar skin. All the standard answers were either too expensive for her patients or made them worse. The first time she worked with a compounding pharmacist was in 1986 to create a cream to thicken the vulvar skin and make her elderly patients comfortable again. Her compounded testosterone cream that was applied nightly solved the problem! Her patients were cured! After her own trauma of losing her ovaries and her hormones, and them finding an answer with estradiol and testosterone pellets she was determined to make women aware of the answers she had found for the symptoms of aging and hormone loss. Treating women with testosterone pellets gave them back their bodies and minds,
so she had to share her discovery with more women! In 2009, Maupin decided to devote 100% of her time to BioBalance Health® and she has never looked back.

Dr. Maupin’s Life Before Becoming the “Testosterone Pellet Expert”

Kathy Maupin MD grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated with honors from high school and attended Mizzou in Columbia, Missouri, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude in 1977. She married her husband, John Maupin, in 1978 and graduated from the University of Missouri School of Medicine in 1981. the second year They moved to St. Louis for her residency in OBGYN at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, now Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur. She began private practice of OBGYN in 1985 and added BioBalance Health to her practice offerings in 2003. She worked in both practices as an OBGYN in Balanced Care for Women, and as a hormone expert in her new practice, BioBalance Health® until 2010 when she gave up delivering babies and performing surgery for consulting with women and men about how to stay healthy as they aged with Testosterone and/or Estradiol pellets.

In 2006 Dr. Maupin was asked to take over Dr. Tutera’s satellite hormone replacement practice in Kansas City Missouri. She began traveling to Kansas City every other month that year and seeing the patients Dr. Tutera saw previously. Soon her practice began to grow, and she and her nurse practitioners and medical assistants were driving to KC every month. Dr. Sullivan joined BioBalance Health in 2015 in the Kansas City Office after she finished her residency in Family Medicine.

Dr. Maupin and Dr. Sullivan are the physicians who partner in the medical practice of BioBalance Health® are dedicated to individualized, preventive medical care based on the foundation of replacing the hormones that decline as women and men age. Dr. Sullivan is an expert in general medicine, preventive medicine and in bioidentical hormone replacement. Both doctors are on a mission to guide their patients to a healthy lifestyle, and to replace all necessary hormones and nutrients necessary to prevent the diseases of aging. Replacing testosterone and estradiol with bioidentical hormone pellets is the foundation of their treatment plans. This unique combination of treatment types are very effective and they watch their patients improve every day as they reverse the clock and cure most of the symptoms that come from testosterone and estradiol deficiency. In 2006 Dr. Maupin created Bio Balance Skin®, a medical esthetic practice to assist her pellet patients and their friends look as young as they feel. This practice has progressively grown into a successful addition to her anti-aging practice by offering cutting edge treatments for aging skin and bodies. Educating her patients and women looking for answers for their symptoms of aging is her passion. She has aired over 650 weekly YouTube Healthcasts, and the same number of blogs as well as written two books, one for women over 40 called The Secret Female Hormone, and one for aging men, called Got Testosterone? She also educates her patients through the BioBalance Health® website, www.biobalancehealth.com. Dr. Maupin and Dr. Sullivan provide a wide variety of medical information that is vital to understanding the hormone replacement treatment for healthy aging, prevention of the diseases of aging and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Dr Maupin also speaks for small groups as well as for doctors at national Anti-Aging conferences. Dr. Maupin’s book for women is the first book about why women need testosterone and testosterone pellet replacement for women. This book titled The Secret Female Hormone (c. 2014 Hay House) was published in 6 countries and now it has been translated into Portuguese to be distributed in a 7th country.

In response to her male patients’ requests, she wrote, Got Testosterone? (c. 2019). About the necessity of testosterone for men and the superiority of testosterone pellets as the type of testosterone to choose. Got Testosterone? received the Independent Press Award for Men’s Health, in 2019. Dr. Maupin is dedicated to providing cutting edge medical care to sustain aging patients and to prevent the diseases of aging that rob us of our productivity and passion over time. BioBalance Health® is poised to maintain their superior patient care and Dr. Sullivan will continue the practice through the next decades.

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