Dr. Kathy Maupin’s Low-Carb Meal Plan


Eating habits to help you lose weight and stay healthy

The amount of carbohydrates Americans eat is excessive, and it stresses our pancreas and increases our risk of diabetes. Below is an eating plan designed by Dr. Kathy Maupin for individuals that wish to lose weight and stay healthy.

This is a simple eating plan where you count only carbohydrates. You may eat any amount of non-carbohydrate foods. This eating plan works for women and men who are post-andropause (over 40, when metabolism starts to slow down,) Polycystic Ovarian, hypoglycemic, obese, or insulin-resistant.

With this diet, you must eat a total of 6 times a day. It is important to learn which foods are qualified as carbohydrates. This diet does not require buying special food or ordering large amounts of food through the mail. You will need to plan ahead to make sure that you eat all 6 small meals. This plan differs from other carb-based diets in that it does not count carbohydrates from fruits or vegetables, except for bananas and potatoes, as carbohydrates that should be avoided.

The Do’s

  • Eat 6 small meals a day
  • Include protein in every small meal
  • Limit caffeine to two doses per day
  • Eat all the fresh vegetables you want, except for potatoes and corn
  • Eat all the fruit you want, except for bananas
  • Drink a glass of water with every small meal, totaling about 8-10 glasses of water a day
  • Take a multi-vitamin or a nutritional supplement, such as Vemma, once a day
  • Carry foods with you to make sure you can eat your necessary meals
  • Only use Splenda or Truvia as sweeteners
  • Exercise for a total of 4 hours per week

The Don’ts

  • Do not eat more than 25 grams of carbohydrates per meal (6 times a day is a total of 150 grams per day)
  • Do not eat carbohydrates that do not contain protein
  • Do not eat “low fat” foods
  • Do not drink any type of alcohol
  • Do not drink any more than two caffeinated beverages per day
  • Do not skip any meals
  • Do not eat canned food
  • Do not drink sugared soda
  • Do not consume honey, syrup, or nutrisweet
  • Do not weight yourself more than once a week

Prepared Meal Ideas

(make enough to have left overs for one of your meals the following day)

Asian beef lettuce wraps, bacon and kale frittata, stuffed zucchini, spaggeti squash and meatballs, steak salad, chicken and veggies, cauliflower chowder, pesto zucchini spaghetti, salmon and quinoa, eggplant pizza, or seared scallops with pancetta and brussels sprouts.

On the Go Meal Ideas

Unsalted nuts, cheese squares or sticks, greek yogurt, veggies with ranch dressing, apples and peanut butter, ants on a log, hard-boiled eggs, or turkey and cheese slice rolls.

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