Office Policies


Patients will be charged $35 for all faxed or mailed medical records, summary of payments, insurance forms, and lab results. Results of lab work done for new patients who will not need a follow up appointment for pellet insertion will be sent to them. Other new patients will receive their lab results on their scheduled office visit.


Patients with confirmed appointments must cancel at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment time. Those who are a “no-show” or who do not cancel within the required cancellation times, will be required to pay a $100 reschedule fee by credit card. An email with this information will be sent following the missed appointment.

Insurance Pre-Certifications

All patients who request a pre-certification phone call or any other interaction with their insurance company will be charged $100.00 (the same fee as an office visit with a nurse practitioner). This non-refundable fee will be collected prior to any interaction with the insurance company. Results will be emailed to the patient.

Postage and Handling

All packages sent to patients will have postage and a handling fee of $17.35 per package added to the final price paid by the patient.