The Secret Female Hormone Paperback (Case of 24 Books)

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Case of 24 Books- Paperback
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This book was written by the founder and Medical Director of BioBalance Health Dr. Kathy Maupin, MD. She wants her readers to see her as a friend who wants them to have a full, healthy, and wonderful life. She wants to empower women to use all the experience they gained in their first 40 years to continue living in a positive and passionate way. This book will inject women with a righteous anger that they can use to change their lives. It will encourage and inform women so that they can complain confidently to their doctors—who are practicing “safe” medicine that only treats men well and ignores the plight of hormone loss in women—and tell them that they are “mad as hell and aren’t going to take this treatment anymore!”

The goal of this book is not only to change the lives of women over 40, but to actually change how medicine manages women who are aging and losing their hormones.

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