Five Issues That Your Doctor Often Misses

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Health risks that often go unseen.

Women over 40 are statistically at increased risk of developing, strokes, and heart attacks. This is directly correlated to deficiency of testosterone. After the age of 40 women fight weight gain, increasing triglycerides, cholesterol, and inflammation. This is triggered by falling testosterone levels. The result of these changes is that plaque builds up in blood vessels and increases your chance of developing hypertension and heart disease.

This week Brett Newcomb and I are talking about the health challenges that doctors often miss. The discussion of replacement of hormones is frequently overlooked. We identify the ten year window for each of these hormones to be replaced with optimum impact on a woman’s health. If women are treated by replacement of the lost hormones during these ten year windows they dramatically lower their risks of stroke, heart disease, and dementia.

The third medical problem that doctors overlook is the nature and treatment of autoimmune disorders. Auto-immune diseases are common in women after 40, and research shows that testosterone and estrogen replacement, but particularly testosterone can reverse the deterioration from autoimmune disorders.

I have an opportunity this week to share the stories of several of my patients who suffer from auto immune disorders such as RA, MS, and Lupus. What we have found is that when these women had testosterone replaced with pellets, they noticed that they did not get worse. Their regular doctors often are surprised by the dramatic effects of testosterone and do not understand what is causing them to stop progressing, but they acknowledge that “something”amazing is happening. We do not see evidence that the replacement of testosterone will “cure” them or make the problem go away, but it does seem to slow it down.

Listen to the stories of these women and learn more about the important positive steps you can take to manage your quality of life in general and your health in particular by replacing your lost testosterone.

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