Aesthetic Procedures for Body Image Issues

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In this week’s podcast we are going to discuss Body Image issues and the types of surgical and nonsurgical interventions that can be used to help with them.

Some individuals have issues that arise from chronic weight problems or from disfigurement of one kind or another, or from social-cultural expectations of beauty and attractiveness. Many of these can be neutralized by diet and exercise, by spending time learning how to dress and apply makeup in ways that cosmetically show you to your best advantage and make the problem manageable. Others require more extensive, expensive and elaborate interventions. Many of these interventions require surgery and if not, still require externally obtained help.

Plastic surgeons offices can usually provide most of these services. They are often not covered by insurance and usually require some form of surgery. Medical spas and other medical offices can provide some of these services (the non surgical ones). Costs and performance capabilities vary.

Invasive surgeries that one obtains from a Plastic Surgeon include: Liposuction, breast enlargement or reduction, pec implants, tummy tucks, liposuction, and lipodissolve.

Procedures that can be obtained at Medical Aesthetic Spas (run by physicians and nurses) can include: Birth Mark removal with laser treatments, tattoo removal, permanent eye makeup and various facial fillers by injection. There are treatments such as Cool Sculpt and I-lipo can provide non -invasive body sculpting. All of these are procedures you can obtain to help with your body image issues and your sense of being healthy and acceptable within the standards of what your culture views as attractive or beautiful.

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