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BioBalance Health welcomes special guest Mike Jaudes, owner of The Fitness Edge Personal Training facility in St. Louis, MO.

I have worked out at Fitness Edge® for 32 years twice a week, religiously and I believe it is the reason I was able to preserve excellent muscle mass as I age.  Working out made it possible for me to be a “small” OBGYN who had the strength of a man when I delivered babies.  After my hysterectomy, at age 47 I rapidly lost muscle mass from lack of testosterone, and had a hard time working out, but The Fitness Edge kept me able to work and still deliver babies until I started T pellets (17 years ago). With the combination of Fitness Edge Personal training, BioBalance T pellets and the Mediterranean diet I recovered over the following 9 months and got back to my pre-surgery weight and muscle mass.

There are many ways to exercise. Every person has a “perfect” way to exercise to get the body they desire, and Mike’s personalized training system finds that perfect training method.  Mike’s workout program is perfect for me and my husband John, even though we are very different body types.  We need the personal attention of a trainer while we work out with weights and exercise machines to prevent injury and push us to our best exercise goals and body composition.

My problem when working out by myself is that I get in the zone and stop thinking!  That makes me prone to quit too early or to do too many reps or too high a weight, which results in injuries.   Mike Jaudes’ Fitness Edge is created to keep clients safe from injury while still pushing them to the limit of their stamina with the result being a great, healthy body!

Mike has won many awards for his “first-of-its kind” training facility in St. Louis, Fitness Edge.   I have been there since early on, thanks to my friend Julie Ahlering, an Olympic Diver, who introduced me to this form of work out, and to Mike Jaudes.  Working out at Fitness Edge has helped me maintain my weight, keep a low body fat, but most importantly maintain a good muscle mass and strength, while it shapes my figure.

Mike takes care of many of my patients who live in the St. Louis area and who are on Testosterone pellets.  His trainers are well trained themselves and actually create an individual work out for you that takes into account your past injuries, your personality and your goals.

My trainer, Cassie, is an amazing woman of 31 who spends her time thinking up how to challenge me twice a week throughout my workout.  She knows how I tick so she changes the workout every time, so I don’t get bored.  I accuse her of waking up in the morning thinking about how she can “kill” me during my workout.  She loves to combine exercises, so I have to balance while I do multiple muscle exercises. This kind of workout makes one hour goes by vary fast!    Considering that I am the woman who never loved exercising before, and never got the runner’s high or an emotional kick that some people get from hard exercise, I actually have fun with this kind of work out.    I exercise to be healthy and to look good as I age.  If you did my “Colors of Fitness”® personality test, I’m a Silver…I don’t like exercise but if it is interesting enough or productive in another way, then I love it! Fitness Edge and Cassie do that for me.

Fitness edge provides varied workouts: Pilates, boxing, weight training, interval training, Boot camps and virtually anything you want in terms of exercise, in a non-judgmental atmosphere that lends itself to non athletes and athletes alike.  Everyone who is working out at the same time as I do have similar goals—they want to be healthy, in shape, look good and have a great body no matter what age they are.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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