What Women Should Know About Their Sexual Health: Female Ejaculation

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Dr. Brett Newcomb address recent questions regarding the topic of Female Ejaculation. They discuss this occurrence as well as whether or not it should be a cause of concern among women.

While Brett and I are not specialist in human sexuality, we both have experience in treating patients with problems in this area. Occasionally, we receive questions about elements of human sexuality and we attempt to address those questions in a professional and helpful way. This week, we received a question from a listener about female ejaculation. This individual had an ejaculatory experience for the first time and was not sure what had happened. She reported that she was both afraid and ashamed.

She was afraid because she did not know what was happening. She had never had a release of fluids that during an orgasm before. She did not know if she had lost bladder control and urinated on herself and her partner, or if there was something wrong with her internally. She was initially afraid that she might be bleeding or that something had “broken.” After realizing that this was not the case, she became afraid that her partner would be incensed or disgusted because of what had happened.

Female ejaculations are a normal part of what can happen for a woman as part of an orgasmic experience. Many women have this happen; sometimes it is only a random occurrence for them, and sometimes they can teach themselves to do it whenever they totally relax and allow the process to happen.

There are actually two types of vaginal ejaculation. Type 1 produces a clear fluid that comes out from 2 tiny little glands located on either side of the urethra. The urethra is where the urine comes from, but on either side of it are two tiny glands that collect fluid and, at orgasm, contract and spurt out a clear liquid. It is not urine; it does not smell like urine and it is more slippery than urine is. It does not come from the uretheral tube at all. It can spew out for a distance of a few inches or more, depending on the force of the release. More often, depending on volume, it just dribbles out.

The second type of ejaculation is not talked about so much because the first type is more obvious and visible. Type 2 is a sweating of the vaginal wall that fills the vagina and then escapes. There is much greater volume in this type of ejaculation and women report that they can feel it happen. They report that it feels as if their pelvis is congested, then there is a release into the vagina of this slippery fluid. It can be of different consistencies or colors, depending on recent diet and fluid intake.

If you experience this, you should know that it is a natural process. It does not happen to all women but many can experience it. When it happens it is important not to be embarrassed or afraid. Remember to talk to your partner about it so you can help normalize the experience for them as well. This can be just as exciting for women as it is for men and it can increase the level of intimacy in the relationship.

Please listen to our podcast to learn more about this normal but exciting part of the sexual health of women.

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