Got Testosterone? – A New Book by Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb

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Got Testosterone? – A book for men, and the women who love them.

4 years ago, we wrote a book called The Secret Female Hormone, after almost 30 years as a gynecologist Dr. Maupin had a personal experience of the loss than comes to a woman’s life when she loses her testosterone and her estrogen after menopause. As we recount in the book, Dr. Maupin went to a number of physicians and even a psychiatrist or two. All of them told her she was just getting old and her symptoms were normal, and women should just come to understand that with aging they would feel the things she was feeling.

Kathy did not give up and finally found Dr. Gino Tutera a physician who was specializing in the replacement of hormones lost due to the aging process. She was healed from her symptoms by his treatment and she insisted that he train her in what he knew so that she could bring this treatment and message to her female clients. We wrote The Secret Female Hormone in order to detail this story for women and their doctors so that more and more women could learn what they needed to regain the health of their youth and be able to maintain it for the duration of their lives.

As time went by, more and more of the women who came to her practice as patients demanded that she also treat their husbands so that the men could receive the same kind of benefit to their aging process as the wives were getting. At first, being a Board-Certified Gynecologist, Dr. Maupin resisted these requests. She had specialized in treating women and wanted to maintain that special focus. But her patients were insistent, so she began to treat the men in the lives of her patients. Ultimately, she realized that she was maintaining an artificial separation and that she could and should also treat men by replacing their lost hormones and improving their health, their libido’s, and their strength for the rest of their lives also.

In order to facilitate that focus, we wrote Got Testosterone? A book for men, and the women who love them, explaining what they need to know about the aging process and the loss of Testosterone that happens naturally when we age. We covered the symptoms that happen and talked about the process of replacing those lost hormones in order to defeat the symptoms and the negative health impact of the natural aging process.

We wrote both our books for the ordinary man and woman who were facing the deficits of the aging process without the information and medical help that they needed to get them on the path to leading vigorous and active lives for the rest of their lives. We learned from writing and publishing our first book that many doctors were using this book as a means of patient education. Doctors today have little time to spend just chatting with their patients when those patients come in for an office visit. These doctors were finding our book to be very useful when it came to providing answers to the patients in their practices. Instead of repeating over and over the same litany of answers to these increasingly common questions, they have found that they can just provide The Secret Female Hormone to those patients. It is a win -win situation for the patient and the doctor.

As a result, these doctors, along with her female patients were constantly asking Dr. Maupin to produce a book that would do the same thing for men. So now, in response to the request from the physicians around the country and the patients who come to her practice from all over the world, we have written this book.

It is called Got Testosterone? It is a book for men and the women who love them. This book will help men understand the symptoms that identify TDS (Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome), and give them the information that they need in order to make the decision to the question, “Is this for me?”

We also focus in this book on the fact that Dr. Maupin’s approach to hormone replacement is through the exclusive use of bioidentical pellets. We discuss why this is so and why it is by and far the best approach to the replacement of testosterone and estrogen as we age.

We want men and women to read out two books, along with their physicians. It is our goal to spread the word of healthy aging and how it happens. We do not want you to ever have to get a walker, we want you to be a walker. We want to help you be strong and active and healthy all the days of your lives.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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