Headlines About Menopause are Meant to Scare us. Don’t be Manipulated!

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Women are continually barraged with misleading information that makes us think that menopause is no big deal.

Recent Research seems scary if You read only the Titles of the Medical News about Menopause……But Menopause is a completely treatable condition!

Even though all women eventually stop having periods and stop making estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone we all have symptoms of menopause, even if you don’t recognize them as symptoms relating to loss of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone after menopause.  However, every woman experiences menopause differently. Some of us are devastated in every way by the multitude of symptoms that loss of our sex-hormones can create, on the other hand some women merely endure painful intercourse, hot flashes, headaches, and fatigue…or are told by their doctors that their

symptoms are “getting older” and they have to live with it!  Aren’t your symptoms enough for you to demand treatment?

What I See:

Every day in the office and even in my private life I run into women who complain about their symptoms of hormone loss. When I offer a solution for their symptoms of menopause and low T, I am often shot down by my patient’s “fear” of hormones. For example, I was at a 70th birthday party recently and a flood of women came up to me and told me how young and heathy I looked.  When they asked me what I do to achieve that, and I explain that I have taken hormone pellets with T and E2 since I was 47 and they can get the same results, they immediately say, “I’m not doing that!  I don’t want breast cancer!  Or “that will cause heart disease or gain weight! “. The media and their doctors who are not up to date in their reading of research have frightened them away from treatment for their symptoms!  The doctors should read more and not depend on 40-year-old information (med school and residency).  They just told me I was doing something right, but then the fear that society has instilled in them shuts the door on a chance to be healthy, mobile and at ideal weight forever.  The opposition to us is strong and this is really brainwashing women away from taking care of themselves!

 The recent (last 10-15 years) research has revealed that medicine has been wrong about much of the advice that we give patients based on flawed research and the need for the media to scare women into dangerous action (not taking hormones).  These groups are literally making women suffer, take too many medications, and literally to be ill during the second half of their lives!  The power of the press causes women to comply.


Here are the “facts” doctors were taught over the last 4 decades: that are lies!

  1. Genetics hold your future. The new study of Epigenetics has revealed that we can turn off our “bad” genes with a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Diet—the Food pyramid lied to the American people to make money for America. They advised us to eat grains and sugar, and now we know that that caused Americans to be obese and diabetic.
  3. Exercise—Jogging long distances is healthy. Lie!  Exercise helps weight loss in a percentage of patients however most patients who exercise to extreme are less healthy than other people who are moderate in their exercise.  Moderation prevents the need for knee and hip replacements, the stress on the heart and kidneys causes early circulatory and renal disease.
  4. “Hormones” –cause Breast Cancer. Estrogen doesn’t cause breast cancer however it can increase growth in estrogen receptor positive women. Not a cause, in fact women on ERT (without provera) had fewer breast cancers and less aggressive ones than women who took nothing!
  5. Testosterone is a MALE hormone, and we can’t have any! Lie! We make three times as much testosterone in our ovaries as we do estradiol when we are fertile!

 Do you see that we are manipulated into following false truths because our doctors are too busy to keep up and fear sells newspapers, magazines, and other news agencies. This is how we are discouraged from treatment by our gynecologists, our friends and society. Women are continually barraged with misleading information that makes us think that menopause is no big deal and we just have to live with it and get old gracefully, like our mothers did!  However, our mothers did get estrogen and other treatments for menopause!  Medicine has been completely revamped in the last 50 years, so we should be healthier, happier and have a better quality of life, yet we are prevented from achieving that through instilling fear in women.

While we are dissuaded from treating the symptoms of menopause that take away our productivity and quality of life, we are put in an untenable position. We are discriminated against because we are menopausal.  The most recent example of this mission to cripple women’s success was on national TV when Former Governor Nikki Hayley, the 52 yr. old female Senator who is running for president, was described as inadequate because she was  “past her Prime”, by a male politician who is in a party that touts the ability of an 81 year old man in that position to act as president of the US.   This is one example of millions of examples as to how we are denied treatment to give us powerful and productive lives while we are denied the medicines to make that possible!

The powers that control us, Congress, Senate, the President, the FDA, and the NIH are for by our tax dollars, but they aren’t working for us.  They perpetuate the myth that women are addled and inadequate because of our menopausal status, and then make it come true by lying to women about the risks of taking the hormone replacement that can make the second half of our lives productive.  The people who make decisions about this subject use fear to “manage” us. Headlines and Titles of articles are the weapons they use.

The second hormone women need is testosterone, however testosterone is still claimed by men and they won’t share!  Men have over 20 forms of FDA approved forms of testosterone while women have none!  Testosterone deficiency causes many of the symptoms women experience but don’t associate with testosterone loss.  Fatigue, lack of sex drive, loss of muscle, weight gain, belly fat, arthritis, inability to think, depression and anxiety that begins before 40.  Doctors answer women’s questions about these symptoms by saying, “You are just getting old”, and then refuse to treat or help except with an easy but ineffective treatment, anti-depressants!  That’s how doctors are trained.  It’s disgusting that doctors just ignore our symptoms.


The facts:

Women make 3 times as much testosterone before menopause as we do estradiol, yet testosterone is still referred to by “experts”, including the American College of OBGYN who teaches doctors taking care of women’s menopause. So women are “held down” and discriminated against by the majority of men, who still run everything :  the FDA  who won’t approve Testosterone replacement for women; the government who won’t pay for testosterone replacement or non-oral bioidentical hormone replacement (which is how we receive our T); and the group that I will discuss today—the journalists who title research articles to scare us, not  to educate us, and write them like we are children who need to be placated and brainwashed instead of  just treating  a uniquely female disease….MENOPAUSE!,,,with estradiol and testosterone.

We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated and we repeat the rhetoric men have initiated. Why aren’t we asking questions and making our doctors listen to us?  They should be helping us.  We are half the problem.  We find it easier to buy into the lies and do nothing rather than treat our symptoms.  We ignore the fact that doing nothing for ourselves is doing something negative for ourselves, one of their tactics used against us, is to scare us from seeking treatment for menopause with the current headlines (Like Hormone Replacement Therapy Causes Cancer and Heart Diseases). and messages barraging us to scare us away from treatment of our painful symptoms, while our decisions destroy our power to continue what we are still accomplishing after age 50.

Here are the titles of the medical and public articles recently in the news that scare women into thinking that they are damaged after menopause and have no safe treatment.

NEWS 7.2023 Ovarian cancer risk among women with

PCOS doubles after menopause

HealthDay (6/27, Murez) reports,


Women Who Undergo Bilateral Oophorectomy Before Menopause May Have Greater Risk Of Developing Parkinson’s Disease Years Later, Study Suggests

HealthDay (11/8 Norton) reports,

Removal of both ovaries before menopause tied to risk of chronic health conditions

MedPage Today (9/13, Robertson) reports


Gout risk higher for postmenopausal women Full Story: Healio (free registration) (8/14)


The association between perimenopausal age and greater posttraumatic stress disorder and depression symptoms in trauma-exposed women

Michopoulos, Vasiliki PhD; Huibregtse, Megan E. PhD; Chahine, E. Britton MD, NCMP; Smith, Alicia K. PhD; Fonkoue, Ida T. MD, PhD; Maples-Keller, Jessica PhD; Murphy, Amy BA; Taylor, Linzie BS; Powers, Abigail PhD; Stevens, Jennifer S. PhD

You get the idea. The underlying message of all of these articles is “Menopause causes illness and death”, yet what it doesn’t say is that treating menopause can treat and reverse everything about menopause except fertility. It is true that the symptoms of lack of estradiol and testosterone and the diseases that follow menopause can be treated with hormonal replacement, and risk of diseases of aging and the symptoms of estradiol and testosterone deficiency can be treated with Bioidentical E2 and T pellets!  I see it every day in my BioBalance® Practice!

This describes the past, only you and other women can change the future!

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