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Estrogen replacement is now safe for breast cancer patients with ER+ breast cancer.

September 12, 2022
New information about estrogen replacement and breast cancer. For decades OBGYNs and oncologists have been denying estrogen replacement to women who have had ER positive Breast Cancer because they believed that estrogen would increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence…As[...]

How do Mitochondria get sick?

August 29, 2022
Prolonged exposure to free radicals leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. When the human body is exposed to radiation (even the sun), toxins, stress, unhealthy food, infection and extremes of temperature and physically stressful[...]

What are Mitochondria and What is their Importance to Our Health?

August 22, 2022
How you can you keep your Mitochondria healthy? Mitochondria are discussed in antiaging advertising like they are understood by the common man.  Even TV discussions and podcasts discuss mitochondria like we are all biology majors, but to most people mitochondria[...]

Metformin® is a Miracle Drug for Aging and Obese Patients

August 15, 2022
Your weight loss medicine may be helpful for other issues in addition to weight loss. One of my patients asked me why I was putting her on Metformin if she wasn’t really diabetic yet, another woman I was consulting on[...]

What BioBalance Health® Can do for you! Part II

August 8, 2022
BioBalance Health® can bring you back to health and prevent the diseases and symptoms of aging! At BioBalance Health our primary goal for our aging patients is to reverse the process of aging and treat their symptoms and body composition[...]

How BioBalance Health® Reverses Aging

August 1, 2022
Why BioBalance Health patients have such a high success rate. BioBalance Health LLC turns 20 this year!   We have been changing the lives of our patients for two decades. Every day I get amazing positive feedback, that makes me KNOW[...]

What is the optimal blood level for testosterone in women?

July 25, 2022
Why is the optimal testosterone level different from person to person? Women always ask about my goal for their blood level of free Testosterone after insertion of testosterone pellets.  That is a good question, and it is not easily answered.[...]

Dementia – How to avoid this end to your life.

July 18, 2022
What causes dementia and what increases your risk of getting dementia? At a get together of friends, I was pulled aside by a good friend who asked me how she could prevent dementia, because the mother she loves is in[...]

Galleri® Test: NEW blood test to diagnose 50 types of Cancer from one blood draw!

July 11, 2022
New cancer early detection test available at BioBalance Health. BioBalance Health® has always been on the cutting edge of the newest medical methodology available. In the fight against cancer, we are now using he newest genetic methodology to find cancers[...]

Titles of Research Articles on Hormone Treatment Are Often Misleading

July 4, 2022
Research article titles can be very different from the actual research results. Don’t stop at the headline of a written article or blog about hormones or you who take hormones will unnecessarily feel anxiety all the time.  Journalists and bloggers[...]