Making Medical Decisions

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Choosing between several medical treatment options can be difficult.

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On episode 28 of the BioBalance Podcast, Brett Newcomb and I discuss how to make a medical decision and why it’s important to do it sooner than later. This podcast is based on recent contact I had which a man who’s wife was suffering from the affects of hormone imbalance. This couple had been struggling for weeks on what action to take, one of which was bioidentical hormone therapy.

People who are not medically trained often get confused and can struggle with the choices they have for medical treatment; should they take doctor’s advice, do nothing, or take an alternate option that might be less than optimal. Emotions often kick in and the patient tends to stop listening to the doctor—indecision can cause anxiety.

Based on his counseling background, Brett refers to a concept known as the cost-benefit ratio of emotional economics. It is a system or process that helps people make a decision, and it can be very useful in making treatment choices. Make a list of your options, then weigh the risk of doing nothing or taking the doctor’s advice.

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