Prostate Medicines are Interfering with some Men’s Love Life

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The most common new prostate medicine is Tamulosin. It can help shrink the prostate as it swells around the urethra without surgery.

Prostate cancer is a concern for most men as they age. We have culturally been told that if we live long enough and nothing else kills us, we will die from prostate cancer.

Dr. Maupin reminds us that this is a concern but not a prediction made with certainty.

Maupin explains the importance of the Prostate gland to men when it comes to procreation and its impact on the urinary tract whenever it becomes swollen.

We discuss the older treatment for prostate commonly called the “Roter-rooter” surgery. It was really the transurethral resectioning. It is a treatment that is still used today but there are also now medicines that can work to help this problem without surgery for some men.

The most common new drug is Tamulosin. It can help shrink the prostate as it swells around the urethra without surgery. One negative side effect though for some men is that it will decrease or stop altogether their production of ejaculate. For some men, this is a sexual problem that diminishes their desire and their feeling of capacity.

We were relying on a column from Dr. Roach, which appears in the newspaper. He received this question and reported that up to 90% of men on tamulosin notice a reduction in the flow of ejaculate. There are other drugs that can be used if tamulosin is not the drug of choice.

We also discuss whether or not ejaculation is necessary for orgasm and sexually satisfying experiences. There is actually a whole subset of sex education that explains to men and women that there are many ways a man can have satisfying sex without ejaculation. That they should understand (and their wives should know) that this is in no way a statement or message that the man does not find the woman attractive or satisfying. They need to learn that sexual release can and does happen without any visual proof of satisfaction. The ejaculation is necessary for having babies but not for orgasms.

Some men cannot get over the concept that they have to have and see the ejaculate in order to feel satisfied and believe that they had a good sexual experience. There are other experiences men have that can reduce the flow of ejaculate, such as dehydration or a vasectomy. Men need to be educated to understand what that all means so that they can factor the information into their understanding and sense of accomplishment.

If you have concerns or questions about the necessity of a certain volume of sperm  and its role in your sense of satisfaction or completion of the sexual act, do your research, learn what it means and how you can recognize that you are sexually satisfied and that you are still able to satisfy your partner without the production of a given amount of fluid!

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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