Diet Soda is Bad For You

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Consider drinking less soda!

Today Brett and I are talking about the shocking statistic that the average American drinks two diet sodas a day! Drinking diet soda increases your chance of being obese. It increases your chance of having kidney disease. It also contributes to being diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, and depending on their storage and delivery method, it may contribute to heavy metal poisoning.

We were looking at an article that summarized medical research being done at Universities from Minnesota to Texas, from Massachusetts to England. These various Universities were publishing data that identified a 34% risk of kidney disease if you drink the average American consumption amount of diet soda (2 a day). There are other studies that say if you drink 2 or more diet sodas a day you have a 500% higher risk of being obese.

Research shows that you should not drink alcohol and diet soda together. The sugar used in regular soda feeds the cells and lessens the absorption of alcohol by your body. If you drink diet soda, you will hot have the alcohol blocked by the absorption of the sugar because the artificial sweetener is not sugar and does not feed the cell. Therefore you will consume larger quantities of alcohol than you think and get drunker faster and with more risks.

Sometimes physicians will recommend that someone drink a diet soda. We do this because in limited amounts a diet soda can reduce nausea and decrease the impact of an acidic stomach. Doctors will suggest diet sodas as a treatment and will expect that you keep consumption secluded as part of your treatment.

Other risk factors in diet soda are the preservatives. There are preservatives used in diet sodas that are not used in sugared or regular sodas. These preservatives themselves can cause damage to your cells.

Diet sodas increase your risk of developing what is called metabolic syndrome, a cluster of issues ranging from high blood pressure to obesity to insulin resistance and heart disease. I really do not find any redeeming qualities of diet sodas in volume and strongly encourage you not to drink them. Before you say “Doctor you don’t understand” please listen to today’s podcast. Then make up your own mind.

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