Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance Part 1

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Symptoms of hormone imbalance are treatable with bioidentical hormone pellets.

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In episode 34 of the BioBalance Healthcast, individual and family counselor Brett Newcomb and I discuss some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance. We’ll continue the discussion in episode 35.

Hormones affect so much or our health and lives, especially our sex lives. The primary hormones that change to abnormal levels include testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.

The first set of symptoms discussed in this episode are a result of low testosterone, which begins to drop for most women when they are in their thirties. Symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • loss of libido
  • memory loss
  • migraines
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • feeling cold
  • loosing self esteem
  • muscle mass
  • strength
  • damage to knees and hips
  • stamina
  • obesity

Most women, when they are in their forties, start to experience the effects of low estrogen levels which cause dryness of the vagina and the eyes.

Progesterone level changes can be indicated by irregular periods and strange bleeding, and PMS.

Most symptoms of hormone imbalance can be treated with hormone replacement through subcutaneous bioidentical hormone pellets. I requires a panel of blood tests and a personal consultation with me before I’ll prescribe and perform the pellet insertion. If you would like to see if you are a candidate for bioidentical hormone pellet treatment at BioBalance Health, complete and submit the medical questionnaire on her website.

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