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Filling Your Script Doesn’t Treat Your Problem Unless You Take It as Directed

Doctors will tell you to take all of your prescription, even if you begin to feel better before the deadline is reached. This week, we are discussing the concept of taking your prescription medicines as they are prescribed. There is[...]

Case Study – Conceptualizing Doctor-Patient Relationships

Discussion of why Doctor-Patient relationships are sometimes fraught with misunderstandings and irritations. Doctor-Patient relationships are fraught with misunderstandings and irritation. This problem occurs all the time and causes patients to have expectations that are not realistic, and sometimes to accept[...]

St. Louis Radio Interview

I will be the guest of top-rated St. Louis radio host, Dave Glover, at 4:45 this afternoon. Please tune in to 97.1 FM to hear us talk about treating symptoms of aging—menopause and andropause—with bioidentical testosterone and estradiol hormone pellet[...]