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Men’s Hormones Testosterone and Estradiol: How Testosterone and Anastrozole Pellets Create the Healthiest Hormone Environment in Men.

How Important is it to use Testosterone and Anastrozole in pellet form when treating men? This week we are looking at the concept of homeostasis. The question is how we get our bodies (in particular our hormones) to balance properly[...]

The Myths of Testosterone Pellet Insertions

Testosterone Replacement with Pellets Myths - Explained. There are many myths floating around the medical community regarding hormone replacement with testosterone pellets. On this weeks’ podcast, Dr. Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss those myths and challenge incorrect thinking. It is[...]

Certain Estrogen Products can Increase Your Risk of Clotting

It is a well known fact that estrogen can “cause blood clots”, but is that always true? Blood clots are scary. You can die from them. This week we are speaking about the risks of blood clotting and what you[...]