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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Try not to go "Doctor shopping" when you feel great, but just want to feel better. MY PRACTICE is centered around making people healthier, not curing disease like other doctors, however I live up to my resident nickname, “Radar”, which[...]

Case Study – Conceptualizing Doctor-Patient Relationships

Discussion of why Doctor-Patient relationships are sometimes fraught with misunderstandings and irritations. Doctor-Patient relationships are fraught with misunderstandings and irritation. This problem occurs all the time and causes patients to have expectations that are not realistic, and sometimes to accept[...]

What a Woman Needs from Her Doctor

Tips for Choosing a Doctor Today’s conversation is an outgrowth of a paper I wrote for a Medical Journal. I was attempting to explain to my colleagues how women pick physicians and other providers of services in their lives. I[...]