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The Benefits vs the Risks of Hypertensive Treatment

Is Blood Pressure Always a Lifestyle Issue, or is it Genetic? On Sunday November 18, 2018 there was an article from the People’s Pharmacy which discussed the difference between the standard numbers indicating hypertension and the need for medicines to[...]

What Are The Risk Factors That You Can Change To Improve Your Blood Pressure?

There are several personal habits that you can change to improve your blood pressure.   Being overweight—taxes the heart and increases blood pressure. Belly fat is exceptionally dangerous because it causes arterial stiffness and produces inflammation that causes plaque formation[...]

High Blood Pressure. What Does It Mean, And How To Help Your Doctor Help You.

What is the mechanism of hypertension? How does high Blood Pressure cause future disease? Hypertension and high blood pressure are considered to be signs of future disease.  The treatment of high blood pressure has been one of the first preventive[...]