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What can a person do to increase their chances of being protected by an immunization?

How to boost your immune system so that you are less likely to get a virus. Two weeks ago we talked about how a vaccination works in your body to create immunity to a virus. Last week we discussed the[...]

Viruses & Immunization: Who is at the Highest Risk of not Responding to Immunizations and getting COVID?

Your best chance of a successful immunization is having robust health, ideal weight, and good testosterone levels. There are known risks for individuals not responding to a vaccine e.g. Covid.   The factors that are key to responding to a vaccine[...]

What is an Immunization and How do they Work?

Dr. Maupin explains immunizations from a scientific medical perspective. The last year and a half, many new words have been introduced into common daily conversations of Americans, and one of these words is immunization, a word that was previously limited[...]