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Why You Need an Individualized Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss must be managed Individually- One Size Doesn’t Fit All! You are what you eat, and you use what food and drink you eat based on your genetics. Weight loss requires professional advice, direction and oversight.  Combining receiving the[...]

Calorie Counting – Are All Calories Created Equal?

Why can I eat the same calories but at different times, and get different results? The primary service provided at BioBalance Health is the assessment and administration of Hormone Balance for those who have lost some of their natural hormones.[...]

Macronutrients for a Healthy Diet

Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb continue their discussion on how Biobalance Health is using the latest medical research to customize effective weight-loss counseling for their patients. This week, Brett Newcomb and I are continuing a discussion about the diet[...]