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Lasers that Reverse the Signs of Aging, Melt Fat, and Tighten your Skin

Dr. Maupin explains the different laser treatments available at BioBalance Skin. Lasers are a new technology created in our lifetimes. These tools are so varied and fascinating in their potential use. The military uses lasers as weapons and as defense[...]

Esthetic Laser Transformations

Lasers Can Stimulate Collagen, Tighten Skin, Lift Facial Droop, and Remove Age Spots. Most patients need several laser techniques at the same time. Because some laser treatments have downtime you should consider this when scheduling your lasers.  I changed how[...]

Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement part 1

The benefits of testosterone replacement far outweigh the few possible negative side effects. This week’s podcast involves a discussion of the side effects of testosterone replacement. When women consider the replacement of testosterone there are a few questions they always[...]