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Orgasm and Depression

The Sexual Side Effects of Depression, and Antidepressant Medicines. This week we are speaking of depression. Some of the side effects of being depressed are those that impact your libido and your desire or ability to have sex. First we[...]

A Case Study Of Hypothyroidism – Part 1 of 2

Dr Maupin's Approach to Diagnosing and Effectively Treating Hypothyroidism This week Brett Newcomb and Dr. Maupin present a case study on Hypothyroidism. This individual is a composite of a couple of clients who contacted Dr. Maupin over the internet. They[...]

Andropause and Loss of Sex Drive (Libido)

For women who had a healthy sex drive before Andropause, the subtle loss of Libido is one of the most overwhelming changes that occurs in our thirties and forties. So many of my patients come to me crying because they[...]