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There is More to HRT than Replacing Estrogen

This week, Brett Newcomb and I discuss several misunderstandings regarding hormone replacement. There are many misconceptions regarding this kind of treatment, many of which are introduced by sensationalist media that is misinformed, themselves. We attempt to debunk some of these[...]

Side Effects of Progesterone Replacement

We help our patients know and understand the side effects of progesterone replacement This week we are continuing our conversations about the risks vs. the benefits of hormone replacement therapy. We have covered the risks of replacing estradiol and testosterone,[...]

The Women’s Health Initiative

All Estrogens are not the same and Provera (progestin) is the real bad guy. The Women’s Health Initiative, (WHI), is a study released in 2001, and is a good example of how the government skews data to support their cost-cutting[...]