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Why Most Doctors Get Thyroid Treatment Wrong

Why don’t all doctors take the same approach when diagnosing and treating thyroid issues? #1 Doctors Look at the Wrong Hormone to Determine Thyroid Activity Thyroid replacement is a difficult process primarily because doctors have been trained for decades to[...]

Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Even if you have normal lab scores, you may still have symptoms that cause you discomfort or distress, and you may still be sick. There are major disagreements over the practice of medicine and the way it is done in[...]

Physical Signs of Thyroid Deficiency – Hypothyroidism

In this blog we are looking at Thyroid Deficiency, how to spot it through physical signs, and why it is so important to recognize and treat it. Click to view reference chart – Hypothyroidism (Thyroid Hormone Deficiency) - Physical Signs[...]