Testosterone is protective against Prostate Cancer

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A new medical study which looked at the benefits of testosterone replacement and prostate cancer.

I have been in the Pro-Testosterone after Prostate Cancer Team with Dr. A. Morgentaler ever since I read his book and heard him lecture at AMMG annual meeting 12 years ago. After that I read all of the studies that supported this opinion and now two new studies by  Thomas E. Ahlering etal. Department of Urology, Irvine medical Center, Department of Medicine published in BJU International 2020. This study is a game changer in the treatment of Post Prostate Cancer patients and for those worried about getting prostate cancer in the future.

The bottom line is that testosterone replacement in men who have had prostatectomy for prostate cancer is protective and helps prevent recurrence!

For those men who are afraid of getting prostate cancer in the future, keeping your testosterone level at a youthful level is protective to prevent prostate cancer.

“Prostate cancer is the most common non-cutaneous malignancy in men, accounting for ~20% of all cancer diagnoses [1]. Prostate cancer is also notable in that after a radical prostatectomy (RP) men have a predicted average survival of 22 years [2]. “2020 TRT.BCR.BJUI.

Despite the fact that even men with high grade tumors have less than a 50% chance of mortality from prostate cancer, 30-40% of men usually have recurrence of prostate cancer after being treated. When faced with this risk men who have a recurrence must decide between two risky treatments: radiation and estrogen therapy.  Both treatments limit the quality of life that these men can achieve.

The belief that testosterone causes prostate cancer was started in 1941with a flawed study of only a few men and has persisted until recently.  This “belief” has prevented men from replacing waning testosterone, for fear of occurrence or recurrence of prostate cancer.

In 1996 Dr. Morgentaler showed that there is an increased risk of prostate cancer in men with a low Testosterone level. He also proved that administration of T to men who had their prostate cancer treated, would benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.

Ahlering did a study matching men based on their snip genetic status and pathologic stage of their prostate cancer. Patients were compared with those men who did not receive any T replacement.

Those men who had TRT had a much longer recurrence-free time period than those who took nothing.  Those men in both groups were similar in terms of severity of recurrence and treatment needed.  The difference is quality of life for the men who took T replacement!

The results of the study   showed that TRT is not dangerous to men, does not cause prostate cancer and doesn’t increase the risk of recurrence or dying of prostate cancer is even lowered the rate of recurrence by 53% for men with prostate cancer treated with Testosterone.  This study also proved that T doesn’t increase heart disease.

Why is T good for men who have survived treatment for PC? T stimulates the thymus to make T-killer cells and T-helper cells which is our defense against cancer, T also decreases insulin resistance, which lowers glucose levels, decreases obesity, therefore lowers blood pressure and inflammation, which lowers heart disease and the occurrence of all types of cancer.

This is the opposite of what we were taught in medical school, and it is difficult to reverse medicine once it has brainwashed a generation of doctors with the wrong information.

T is good for more than maintaining your sex drive, and sexual function.  T can also prevent prostate cancer and other cancers as well as obesity, Insulin resistance and heart disease.  It is time we let the bright light of truth shine on this new and amazingly simple reality for aging men. Testosterone can protect you from both getting prostate cancer, and from getting a recurrence of prostate cancer after the initial treatment!

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