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Why BioBalance Health patients have such a high success rate.

BioBalance Health LLC turns 20 this year!   We have been changing the lives of our patients for two decades. Every day I get amazing positive feedback, that makes me KNOW that I have found a unique answer to aging and a health program to treat all the symptoms of aging and prevent the diseases of aging with replacement of one hormone, TESTOSTERONE! We offer Replacement of bio-identical pellet Testosterone for men and women, and estradiol pellets for women combined with treatment of all other hormone deficiencies, and preventive treatment and lifestyle changes. We also have a very effective Medical Weight loss program that is very effective using multiple methods of weight loss and the newest weight loss medications tailored to your individual challenges.  We even follow your weight loss with an advanced body composition scale. Our third avenue to fight aging is our medical spa, BioBalance Skin®, that fights aging and makes our patients look as good as they feel.

I created BioBalance Health LLC to be the ultimate medical practice to treat patients over 40, to treat the symptoms and diseases of aging. BBH practices medicine the way it was meant to be –individualized for your specific issues—with the goals of bringing women and men back to robust health, physically, sexually, mentally and esthetically. BBH is my dream medical practice both for our patients and our medical and esthetic staff.

My patients are amazed at their progress and ecstatic about how they feel, in contrast to the debilitated feeling they had before coming to us. Bio-identical Testosterone pellet treatment is the foundation of our Anti-aging treatment plans.  Our goal is to bring you back to quality of life, with a great sex drive and a younger body and mind. I get a lot of positive feedback in the office from our patients who tell me the following things:

“You saved my life!”

“You saved my marriage!  We love each other again and have recovered the sex lives we had in our 30s”

“I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been limited by pain to sitting in a chair all day long.  After my first Testosterone and Estradiol pellets, I painted the whole inside of my house”

“My insomnia was severe and affected every area of my life but with testosterone pellets I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. My medical problems have all improved.”

“I had ED and was treated elsewhere with Viagra and Cialis which improved my physical problem, but it didn’t help my lack of desire.  With BioBalance I got testosterone pellets and treated my prediabetes, atherosclerosis and I am healthier, and I have a sex drive and no ED!”

“I am 68 and I feel like I am 35 again!  Everyone asks me what I have done to look so good, and I just say BioBalance!”

BioBalance Health is known for offering their new and follow up patient’s hour-long consultations with a doctor to review all of a patient’s health history, lifestyle and lab results finishing with an individualized treatment plan.

Recently I was forwarded a letter from Dave Glover and Trish Gazall our key advertising voices in the Midwest on AM 1120, FM 97.1 They both have been treated for the symptoms and diseases of aging and weight loss with much success and this letter was sent to them, about BioBalance Health®.  The letter- author wants to remain anonymous.

Shortened. Letter to Dave Glover

Dear Dave and Trish,

I want to give a shout-out to BioBalance Health. BioBalance has made such a difference in my health!

I remember about 10-14 years ago when you (Dave) had Crane Durham on your show, and he essentially said people are fat because they are lazy. At the time, I had been exercising regularly, with little to show for it. I had polycystic ovarian syndrome and had both of my thyroids removed, due to thyroid cancer. It was really demoralizing to know that people would make assumptions about my character and work ethic based on how I looked, without knowing anything about my medical struggles.

At any rate, I eventually resigned myself to the fact that my body was destined to be fat and there was nothing I could do about it. Exercise wasn’t helping and diets worked only if they were extreme and only for so long, so I finally gave up trying to fight it.

Over the years, I listened to your advertisements for BioBalance Health and didn’t give it much thought. But for some reason, I decided to give BioBalance a try in the summer of 2020.

I was amazed at how thorough their medical intake and blood testing was! They asked me about everything — even a foul ball hitting my head at a Cardinals game was of interest to Dr. Sullivan and I had never given the incident a second thought. Dr. Sullivan determined that medications I was being prescribed for my thyroid replacement by my Primary Care Doc was not adequate. She also diagnosed me with a metabolic syndrome. After struggling all those years, it was a relief to know that there really was a biological element behind my weight gain.

For a while, I didn’t really notice much of a change …… But Dr. Sullivan kept testing and kept tweaking my treatments. Jodie Tankersley convinced me to stick with it, and Lo and behold, we finally found the right medications for me and I began losing weight! I have lost 9.1% of my body fat and am down 35.5 pounds! (All of this was WITHOUT any significant change in diet or exercise. Don’t get me wrong – they have advised dietary changes and I SHOULD be following them. But I wanted to test if it really was about body chemistry and medication.) I still have some way to go before I get back to my pre-child-bearing weight. But I am so encouraged and motivated now that diet and exercise will just help me go further.

I don’t think it is hyperbole to say BioBalance has been life-changing for me. Dave, I am often skeptical of your pitches because you tend to over-sell. But, in this case, I don’t think you can say enough. I honestly thought this was going to be another dead end in my struggles and I am so grateful to be wrong. Please continue to encourage your listeners to try BioBalance – even if nothing else has ever worked.

BioBalance is the real thing.  If you have the symptoms of aging, we can reverse the process and bring you back to health!

If you have experienced three or more of these symptoms, you may have Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome. But take heart – there is hope! You don’t have to live like this any longer.

  • Loss of libido
  • Anorgasmia or difficult orgasms
  • ED
  • Can’t Sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Anxiety starting after the age of 40
  • Depression starting after the age of 40
  • Memory loss
  • Weight gain
  • Stubborn Belly Fat
  • Loss of balance
  • Hot flashes
  • No motivation
  • Muscle tone loss
  • Loss of muscle mass and strength
  • Arthritis
  • Stamina decrease
  • Sagging skin

I ask my patients whether they have these symptoms anymore at the second consultation and I generally get a “no’ to each one.  If they are not all cured, then I develop a treatment plan that will adjust the dose of pellets or one of the other treatments I started at the first visit and inevitably all the symptoms are gone on the second or third pellet visit.

Review of lab and patient’s initial symptoms is done in the first 2 visits and yearly to make sure our treatment plan is making an individual patient all better!

Next week we will review the diseases of aging that BBH treats or prevents by using the foundation of testosterone and estradiol hormone replacement.  We will talk about prevention of diseases that occur with aging and treatment of the disease of aging with hormones and lifestyle changes. Our goal is to make our patients healthier no matter how old they are and to improve their quality of life.  It is a lofty goal but one that we have been successful to achieve in thousands of patients over the last 20 years.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author. • (314) 993-0963. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and please check “ Like “.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at BioBalanceHealth.

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