Testosterone Treats Unexpected Diseases and Symptoms

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You get so much more than a good sex life when you replace your Testosterone.

Testosterone treats many illnesses in addition to sexual dysfunction.  Most patients and doctors don’t associate testosterone with the anxiety and depression that occurs after age 40.  Depression is a direct side effect of low T.  T is a mood elevator and stimulates Seratonin production, improving mood in that way.  Many of our patients can decrease the dose of antidepressants or even go off their medications after they have been on T for more than 4 months.  I always ask my patients to ask their “depression doctor”, who prescribed the antidepressant, to help them wean off. A side note: I do not recommend decreasing or stopping antidepressants during the fall, because we live in the Midwest and there is very little sunlight at our latitude between September to February, so I ask that they don’t change their antidepressant during those months.  Remember testosterone if you develop depression after the age of 40.

Testosterone also treats anxiety in both men and women by lowering FSH and LH, the pituitary hormones that surge after T and Estradiol decrease with age.  Many men come in to see me for low T and ED, who have recently been prescribed Xanax or some other antianxiety drug that is not working for their anxiety.  However, when I treat them with testosterone pellets, they miraculously are cured of their anxiety!  Women generally have hot flashes from elevated FSH/LH, however some of them have anxiety as well.  Women are cured of their anxiety attacks, with T pellets plus or minus Estradiol.

Other conditions that are improved when I treat my patients of both sexes with T pellets is Insulin resistance, AODM, and weight gain.  T improves insulin resistance and increases the calorie burning in the muscles.  You burn most of your calories every day in your muscles and T facilitates the metabolic work in the muscle tissue.  With testosterone, you literally burn more calories by jut breathing (your Basal Metabolic Rate). T increases your muscle’s activity by burning more calories of fat and stabilizes your blood sugar.  Our patients lose fat, gain muscle mass, and become more insulin sensitive with T pellets.  Those with diabetes decrease their medication over time and have a lot more energy…the natural way…by activating their muscles!

Immune dysfunction occurs when you age and is why older people need a higher dosage of immunizations, and why they die of viruses that younger people don’t die of. Your immune system is controlled by your thymus gland which makes white cells called T killer cells, T helper cells that kill cancer cells and viruses.   B cells make antibodies. The thymus and its function is growth hormone and testosterone dependent.  As growth hormone and T decrease, the gland shrinks and by age 50, and by age 60 it can’t be seen and stops doing its job of protecting us.  By taking testosterone, growth hormone is stimulated, and the thymus gland grows and is active making these cells that protect us.  There is a peptide that stimulates the thymus for those people who don’t fully respond to Testosterone, called Thymosin alpha-1.  This is a communication peptide that stimulates the production of protective immune cells.  It has

been around forever as a medication, but no one used it because it doesn’t have a big drug company behind it…so it is available at compounding pharmacies. The FDA has started to stamp it out across the US, for no apparent reason. It improves immunity to all infections.  In this time of pandemic, this drug should be applauded and not taken off the market!  What are they thinking?

Autoimmune diseases occur when your immune system, your T Cells and B Cells, become confused and instead of killing viruses and bacteria, attack your own healthy tissue.  This imbalance occurs secondary to a genetic weakness as well as exposure to infections that “look like” normal tissue.  Testosterone deficiency causes an unstable immune system and leaves the door open for autoimmune diseases. I was very surprised when my patients with autoimmune diseases like RA, Lupus, and Sarcoidosis, improved drastically after they got T for completely different indications!  I then researched this association between T and Autoimmune diseases and found that there is a lot of research that proves T is an excellent treatment and prevention for autoimmune diseases.

Migraine Headaches response to T replacement, were another surprise for me.  As I treated sexual dysfunction in women, they came in to see me and said: “The weirdest thing occurred after I got my pellets…I stopped having the incapacitating migraines I used to get!  This is an amazing two-for….I have stopped taking my migraine medicine!” .  Once again, I went to the research and found that hormonal migraines can be treated with non-oral testosterone.  The migraines that are triggered by food additive and weather changes are usually not improved, but women have hormonal imbalance migraines, and T works for that.  Why?  Testosterone is a modulating hormone for many systems, but in this circumstance, it is working in the brain to balance the neurotransmitters and the vasodilation chemicals that get “confused” when it is deficient, and the effects of E2 increased and dilated blood vessels.

PMS is another problem that is improved with testosterone.  PMS affects every part of a woman’s body…It is the outcome of estrogen dominance with a progesterone deficiency.  This era of a woman’s life can occur at any time in her life; however it is much worse during after age 40.  Why is that?  Because after 40, testosterone becomes deficient, estrogen is dominant, and ovulation becomes spotty which is the function that produces progesterone.

Weakness and loss of strength occurs after age 40 in women and some men, and this is directly due to the loss of Testosterone and the decrease of T free.  This dominos to a less active person, and this results in osteoporosis and frailty.  Here is a news flash…Frailty is the one thing that will cause a person to become dependent on others and unable to live independently!  Losing muscle is not what you want!  Testosterone prevents frailty, by directly stimulating muscle mass and strength, including the heart, which is a muscle, and by stimulating growth hormone which also builds muscle and bone!

You get so much more than a good sex life (Which should be good enough) when you replace your T .  Health is a precious commodity, and it should be a priority for you!  Life with health is the only way to age…consider replacing your T in the safest way possible— T pellets are my choice, but please replace missing T in any way you can.

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