Why should you choose BioBalance® Health?

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Why should you choose BioBalance® Health over the other medical practices and companies that provide hormone replacement? We offer so much more and with better results!

Your Consultations with Dr. Sullivan or Dr. Maupin last one hour!
No other medical practices schedule an hour for consultations with each patient.

You will see a doctor and have time to discuss your issues!!!
Drs Maupin and Sullivan spend hours preparing for your first appointment.  They know what medical problems you have, your medications and allergies, and based on your medial history they determine your treatment plan.  This plan includes your pellet dose, treatment of other conditions or diseases that are out of control, a diet and eating plan, exercise advice, individualized supplement advice, and prescriptions for medications. Your health will benefit from the expert advice given by Dr. Sullivan and Dr Maupin and their team of Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses.

BioBalance® Testosterone Pellets are the most effective, lowest risk Testosterone Replacement:
We exclusively use Testosterone and Estradiol Pellets made from Non-Micronized Bio-identical Testosterone powder, from two compounding pharmacies who have been our providers for two decades.

BioBalance® Health has the most experience in providing Testosterone and Estradiol Pellets in the Midwest
We have been practicing anti-aging medicine and treating patients with bioidentical testosterone pellets longer than any other practice in the Midwest, over 20 years!

BioBalance® Health doctors and NPs provide such a unique and successful level of care that patients fly from all over the world to see them. We are innovators and we have learned how to trouble shoot side effects and treat them before they happen. We have such a unique treatment method that we have doctors who request training with us, and patients who spread the word of our success to their doctors and their friends.

BioBalance® Health Has the Highest Success Rate of any other provider of T and E2 pellets.
We not only offer quality and service to the practice of Anti-Aging Medicine/ Functional Medicine, we also have the highest success rate of any other BI hormone practice anywhere.  We encounter the fewest side effects and complaints of any other hormone practice, and we are 95% effective at resolving the symptoms of hormone deficiency.

We Treat Much More than Just Your Sex Hormone Deficiency!
When replacing hormones and treating the symptoms of hormone deficiency is not enough, we treat our patients for other hormone deficiencies and diseases of aging: hypothyroidism, and Pre-diseases like pre-diabetes, obesity, fatty liver disease, and nutritional deficiencies. Our doctors and NPs often diagnose illnesses that your primary hasn’t found yet!

We apply cutting edge medical and nutritional treatments to keep you healthy as you age. Our goal for you is much more than giving you testosterone, it is lasting health.
We combat the sickness and symptoms of aging with a foundation of bioidentical hormones (testosterone and estradiol pellets) plus nutrition, weight loss, exercise advice, esthetic procedures and genetic evaluations to determine your health risks and to diagnose cancer early.  We add new novel and effective ways to help our patients live healthier, longer, and more productive lives like the Gallery test for 99 types of cancer that finds cancer before traditional tests can (this test is for those patients who chose to have it and it is an additional fee).

You are Not Just a Number!
We are not a practice built on volume.  We learn your history and know who you are when you see us.  We make sure we keep your health history in mind when we make decisions for your treatment!  Our staff is family to the doctors and to each other.  When you enter our office, you will feel special and cared for!

Our results are remarkable!  BioBalance Health receives most of our referrals from existing patients and doctors.
Our Patients tell us that they have never had such a complete evaluation of their symptoms and that no other hormonal therapy has made them feel completely well as the treatment they receive in our office.  We are excellent Doctors and Nurse Practitioners who are determined to bring our patients back to health with the latest treatments and the most natural testosterone for both women and men.  We individualize your care because we know that one size medicine doesn’t fit all!  Before you come to our office, we study your medical history and your blood lab results, to create a treatment plan that we adjust during your initial visit based on your needs.

We offer the best Education for Patients available anywhere from Any Anti-aging, Integrative Practice in the US, and possibly the world. Dr Maupin has written 2 books for patients over age 36 that have been distributed in 6 countries, The Secret Female Hormone is for aging women and   Got Testosterone?  is for aging menThe Secret Female Hormone is the first book about testosterone for women was the first book of its kind published anywhere!  Her book for men received the International Independent Publisher’s Men’s Health Award in 2019. Dr Maupin’s biweekly Health casts and blogs has grown in number to over 650, 20-minute episodes.  found on You tube (www.youtube.com/@BioBalanceHealthcast) and our website, wwwBioBalancehealth.com. Dr Maupin is dedicated to educating her patients and the aging public with REAL information to help them make good decisions to keep them healthy and productive for a very long time. While traditional medicine has continued to concentrate only on the very sick, young, and fertile women and chronic diseases of the young, Dr Maupin fills in the gap providing advice for aging women and men with preventive medicine, hormone replacement, weight management and sexual dysfunction that mainstream medicine ignores!

We offer the most effective weight loss program for our patients, that allows you to buy real food to eat with the help of prescription weight loss medications chosen for your situation!
If our patients need help with weight loss after Testosterone Pellets, diet and exercise have been employed, we offer additional appointments with a Nurse Practioner (NP)/ RN team to help you lose the weight you have always wanted to lose.  Our NP/RNs chose the right medication for you and monitor your weight loss with our body composition machine, In Body® to help you see the fat you are losing.

We combine “fat-loss” treatments with muscle preservation with testosterone pellets.
Preserving Muscle mass is critical to stimulating the metabolism and to anti-aging progress. As you reach your weight loss goal, BioBalance® offers esthetic body sculpting treatments, when you have lost enough weight to shape your body without pain or lost time at work.  We acquired the most effective body sculpting EM Sculpt machine to sculpt your body with increased muscle, fat loss and tighter skin; EMsella for treating urinary incontinence and EM face for a non-surgical face lift.

We review your Medical History, Symptoms and Lab before making an appointment for you, to determine if you need our treatment.
We realize that you don’t want to pay for something you don’t need, so we review your medical history and blood work before you pay us anything or waste your time on an appointment that doesn’t lead to treatment.  If we cannot treat your particular medical problem, we will give you your lab test results to take to your PCP and you will not have paid anything.  We only make an appointment for you if we believe we can help treat your symptoms, medical problems and/or help you lose weight if needed. Unlike any other practice we offer hour-long consultations with our doctors for your first, follow up, and problem consultations.

Dr Maupin has created a medical practice dedicated to truly bringing her patients back to health: sexually, metabolically, nutritionally, and to help them look as good as they feel with her Esthetic practice, BioBalance® Skin.
BioBalance Heath is the fourth medical practice Dr Maupin created/managed over more than 38 years of practicing medicine. Bio Balance Health® is the culmination of all she learned from organizing the three OBGYN practices. She decided that the only way to be the best doctor she could be was to surround herself with the most intelligent Doctors, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, the most skilled staff possible and to treat them and pay them well, like family. Through her experience, combined with Dr Sullivan’s business training and Family medicine background, she has created what she views as the finest type of preventive, hormonal medical practice.

We want our patients to feel healthy, and to be productive as long as they live!
Dr Maupin, Dr Sullivan, their husbands, and Dr Sullivans in-laws are all BioBalance® patients. Bio Balance® knows that the health we have as we age is primarily due to replacement and management of our hormones, nutrition, exercise and attaining ideal weight. Her plan behind the scenes is to create a medical practice that patients enjoy coming to, where staff is happy and well paid, and where doctors and NPs are encouraged to treat patients with cutting edge medical care for the benefit of their patients. Twenty-one years later, her dream is a reality and there is no other medical practice like it!

You only pay for what you get!
Your cost is based on what you receive, not on a large yearly fee that some other practices require. We are a cash practice because insurance companies don’t pay for preventive medicine or bio-identical hormone replacement for women. They also generally won’t pay for weight loss. For the services they do pay for we understand that many of our patients pay for insurance, and we try to use it when we can. Most of our prescriptions and labs we order are covered by health insurance directly. we will give you copies of your invoice to submit for your reimbursement from your insurance if your insurance allows. If you don’t have insurance or have a high deductible, we will pass along the discount the lab companies give us, so your lab cost will be much lower than if you paid them directly!

We live by the belief that we can offer medical treatment to our patients based on what we would want if we were the patient:

  • To be treated individually, kindly, and efficiently
  • To offer individualized treatment to each patient
  • In a practice environment that is uplifting and happy
  • From staff who feel like family
  • In a lovely environment that is not clinical like other doctor’s offices
  • With individualized personal care over time
  • To offer efficiency by stocking supplements and products on site for patients to buy on site
  • To only offer quality goods and treatments we use personally
  • To offer compassion that carries through everyone who works for BioBalance® Health and BioBalance® Skin.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author. www.BioBalanceHealth.com • (314) 993-0963. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and please check “ Like “.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at BioBalanceHealth.

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