A New Life on Hormone Pellets: Libby and Kent’s Story

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb continue their conversation with Kent and Libby, BioBalance patients who are sharing their experiences with their Hormone Replacement Therapy.

This week we wrap up the testimonial given by Dr. Maupin’s patients, Kent and Libby. They were gracious enough to share their enthusiasm and their satisfaction now that have a new life on hormone pellets and about the hormone replacement therapy that Libby has received from BioBalance Health.

In this portion of the testimonial, they focus on the symptoms that Libby was experiencing, her fears and how it was that she thought she might be legitimately crazy. Kent was extremely supportive during her anxiety and helpful in making sure that she got to her treatments. He was also able to validate the advancements that she had experienced as a result of the treatment.

The things that this couple shares are so consistent with the experiences of our patients. We wanted to take an opportunity to let them explain it themselves. These are not scripted nor made up in anyway. There were some basic questions that were asked to get them started, such as “What brought you to Dr. Maupin?” and “How were you feeling then?” They take off from there and tell their story.

They will identify and respond to questions that you might have yourself if you are considering hormone replacement therapy. What may not be as typical—or, at least, not articulated so romantically and beautifully—is the strength and support and love for one another that they have. It is powerful because of the tone of voice and the warmth and spontaneity of their sharing, not because of the literal transcription of their words. They are happy, excited, in love, and convinced that they are on the right track for good health.

Listen and see if Kent and Libby answer your questions. Hopefully, it encourages you to look further into the possibility that hormone replacement therapy at BioBalance Health.

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