Testosterone Replacement Case Study: Libby’s Story

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Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb interview Biobalance Health patient, Libby and her husband Kent about their experiences with Libby’s hormone replacement therapy.

When people make claims about the things they do or the services they provide, do you ever wonder if they are making it up? Do you ever think that they are just talking through their hats? This week, we present an interview with two real patients from BioBalance Health, Libby and Kent. They talk with us about how they came to be BioBalance Health patients and how how their experience has been.

It is important to us that you hear directly from real people with real stories about their experiences with us. This is the first of several interviews we have obtained that we will be showing you in the coming months. The interviews are edited for time constraints but have not been altered or directed in terms of content. These are real people in their real voices telling their own stories. Our hope is that you will find this to be interesting and affirming regarding all the claims that we have made in our previous podcasts.

You will first hear from Libby, a woman who once found her life falling apart. She felt out of control and wondered if she was crazy. Through the counsel of her friends, she got in touch with Dr. Kathy Maupin in St. Louis, Missouri to find help for her concerns. Libby will tell you how she was feeling and how emotionally out-of-control she was. She was afraid because she was losing control of her life and becoming someone she did not recognize nor want to be.

Kent, her husband will also share his perspective of the suffering that Libby was experiencing and his determination to be understanding and supportive as she tried this new treatment with Dr. Maupin.

Both Libby and Kent share their own interpretations of the success or failure of the treatments, as well as their opinion about how well it worked for them.

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome Symptom Check List

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency syndrome in men and women include:

  • Fatigue
  • Poor quality sleep/insomnia
  • Loss of libido
  • Short term memory loss or difficulty thinking
  • Weight gain/belly fat
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Loss of stamina
  • Loss of muscle size and tone
  • Loss of balance
  • Arthritis
  • Hair loss
  • Hot flashes
  • Anxiety/Irritability/Depression
  • Loss of motivation and quality of life
  • Loss of skin tone, sagging and wrinkles
  • Dry skin
  • Dry eyes
  • Feeling cold when others are hot
  • Loss of self esteem
  • Loss of color in the skin of the face
  • Loss of sensation in the nipples

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency syndrome in women include:

  • Loss of elasticity of the vagina and vulva
  • Painful intercourse
  • Shrinking clitoris

Systems of testosterone deficiency syndrome in men include:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Shrinking penis

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