Aging, Menopause and Andropause

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Men and women have been told that getting older means acting older. Medicine has provided very little options for dealing with mood changes, diminished sex drives, and the hot flashes that accompany middle age. However, by taking non oral testosterone those conditions will disappear. Unfortunately, oral testosterone turns into estrogen in our liver. Estrogen is what creates old age symptoms and therefore needs to be avoided. The pellets that I provide for my patients are placed under the skin on the hip and then dissolve directly into the blood stream without converting into estrogen.

Many people confuse HRT with fertility enhancement. HRT is about normalizing and stabilizing your physiology for many years beyond what your body history would have normally allowed.

Neurotransmitters in the brain hinge off of testosterone. If we stop creating testosterone then we will have brain changes that affect the rest of our body, the rest of our domain. If we can prevent that loss with bioidentical hormones then we can delay that process of decay.

It’s common for patients to say that what they’ve heard from their own physician is that there is not research supporting the use of testosterone for anti-aging. In fact there are enormous amounts of research that spreads across multiple specialties. Dr. Maupin is able to present this research to spectacle patients helping them to understand that there is a safe way to combat their uncomfortable symptoms from aging.

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