Bioidentical Hormone Treatment for Symptoms of Menopause

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If you are here to find Bioidentical Hormone Treatment for Symptoms of Menopause, I believe I can help you. I have over 1500 happy patients in my practice who are just waiting share their stories with you.

Most of my patients had been told by their regular doctors that they are imagining their symptoms that were actually a result of hormone imbalance, but they had a serious set of symptoms that turned their lives upside down. They have an imbalance of the hormones Testosterone and Estradiol.

You see, these patients that have a real problem, and they were not being heard! They are probably just like you, searching for an answer and confused by all conflicting information in the media. BioBalance Health’s key to successful treatment is the use of Bioidentical Hormones—both estradiol and testosterone—placed under the skin to give you an even hormone level every day…..but we do so much more than that!

I created BioBalance bioidentical hormone pellet therapy to treat women just like you. I am also a woman who experienced just what you are going through, and I know how bad it can be and how great it is to be healed!

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