What is BioBalance Health Bioidentical Hormone therapy?

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Dr. Kathy Maupin’s philosophy in medicine has always been to promote wellness in my patients, in the most natural way possible. BioBalance Health treatment is a unique way of diagnosing and treating andropause and menopause by replacing hormones with the exact hormone that your body made before either of these two changes. By replacing these hormones under the skin in pellet form, the body absorbs and uses the hormones before they are changed by going through your stomach, skin or vagina. Every pure hormone that is absorbed through one of these pathways is transformed into metabolites of the hormone that have side effects. By placing these pellets under the skin in the fat of your hip, we give you back what you made in your youth, and your body responds accordingly.

Our therapy also includes balancing your other important hormones like thyroid and insulin, so that you can regain a state of wellness. I cannot promise that you will live a day longer on BioBalance 4 Women pellets, but I can tell you that you will live more fully and regain your old self back! You will be healthier.

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