The American Sugar Conspiracy That Is Killing Us

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It is not an accident that the US has the fattest sickest adults in the world and our government’s paternalistic approach has put the economic interests of an economic segment above the health of private citizens.

All Americans have been affected by a governmental conspiracy that has left us Diabetic, sick and obese. It is not an accident that the US has the fattest sickest adults in the world—our government’s paternalistic approach has put the economic interests of an economic segment of the US above the health of private citizens. How? This month a report and disclosure about the sugar industry’s leaders to join with our lawmakers in distorting data for the purpose of selling our crops to our own people, and lying about the true realities of the negative impact of sugar in the form of corn syrup to decrease our life expectancies to make the sugar and corn producers wealthy.

This is what we now know from the unveiling of the facts this year, 2016, that industry funded research cannot be trusted as it pays researchers to report what they want the public to think. We have been taught by mothers, teachers, doctors and all authority to believe the recommendations of our government because they (the government) care for us. This is simply not the case. We have been manipulated over the past 50 years of social policy planning in regard to healthy eating and we are now paying for the disastrous outcome of our honest trust! The French word for sugar is “sucre” and the American word ought to be SUCKER!

“JAMA 2016—distortion of scientific research by blaming other items in our diet, namely FAT, to distract us from limiting sugars in our diet. “The new JAMA paper reveals that both the trade groups and the government ignored the dangers of sugar in our diet and falsified data to control us, and make us think that Fat, not Sugar, cause heart disease.

In our efforts to manipulate the economy we have formulated policies that support farmers, corn and sugar industries of the US, to improve our GNP since the 1960s. Here is the history: after World War II, we were tasked with the job of feeding Europe and ourselves so we used government policies to regulate production and the economy to grow more corn and sugar than ever before. When Europe began to grow its own food after WWII, we had to find a way to prevent a crash of the market by selling more to our own people. We achieved this goal by making it ( corn and corn sugar) a staple ingredient in every food product.

There was a negative serendipity between government policies to grow more corn, and the development of the food pyramid to direct how Americans eat, directed by the agricultural department. While we became addicted to corn syrup in all of our foods leading to epidemics of obesity, diabetes and death. We would like to assume that these were honorable efforts to save the world from hunger and promote a stable economy, but recently discovered evidence is showing that the sugar industry and the government knew what they were doing was unhealthy.

To placate us, they asked Harvard doctors to develop a new food pyramid, which became a food plate and when it was finished our own government rejected the advice of experts, and in the interest of supporting the industries they had created through dishonest or misguided policies, they changed the plate to include a higher percentage of carbohydrates and sugars than what they doctors had advised is healthy for children and adults.

Now we have several generations who are damaged by these policies and the cost of healthcare is soaring to take care of them.

Our concern about the pervasiveness of corn sugar in our diet leading to diabetes and obesity epidemics and thereby leading to a higher death rate is not impacting our will as a nation to find a way forward, to change farm policy, food production policies, and healthcare policies in sufficient ways to help people damaged by those government policies.

Secondary market influence seems to impact any effort to change the government policies. Agri-business is a major part of the American economy and policies developed over seventy years are deeply entrenched. The idea of trying to change them means that production, manufacturing, labor, and education, all have to be moderated to reflect new realities to make our markets stable and our diets healthy. This is a very complex problem and we cannot just rely on the good intentions of some bureaucrats.

So how does a government do this? That is the question of the day!

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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