Pre-diabetes in Menopausal Women

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BioBalance Health has always understood the relationship between a Low SHBG, and Insulin Resistance, Obesity and Diabetes. We always evaluate this in your initial and followup bloodwork and manage the Insulin Resistance, which is a pre-diabetic sign, as well as replace Testosterone and Estradiol. I believe that the treatment of pre-diabetes in patients who are at risk is the only way to combat the disease of Type 2 Diabetes.

Women generally become Insulin Resistant when they approach menopause. Insulin Resistance causes us to become sensitive to carbohydrates and to gain weight in our 40s and 50s. Only a low carbohydrate diet, consistent exercise, replacement of hormones through a non-oral route will decrease weight and the risk of diabetes. We treat patients for this problem as we replace their hormones with BioBalance Bio-identical hormone pellets.

For more information, refer to this article by HealthDay titled Sex Hormone Protein May Predict Type 2 Diabetes.

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