Cost Comparison of Bioidentical Hormone Treatments

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Comparing prices for BioBalance Health bioidentical hormone replacement with other forms of bioidentical hormones is like comparing apples to oranges. In terms of effect and bringing you back to your younger health and libido, there truly is no comparison between pellets and sublingual, vaginal or any other form of bio-identical hormone therapy. However, if cost is your major concern, the following may help you make a decision about your therapy.

BioBalance Pellets allow you to stop taking medications such as anti-depressants, migraine medication, anti-anxiety medication and many others. The co-pays for those traditional meds are going up all the time. Most of my patients end up saving money spent on medication when they use BioBalance Pellets!

The average cost of Bioidentical hormone replacement depends on the number of hormones in a preparation and the type of delivery system used for the hormones. Below is the cost comparison for a 4-month supply. It does not include shipping and handling for Sublingual/Vaginal and Duragel, or the time necessary to go to the pharmacy to fill the prescription.

Hormone Pellet therapy is based on the number of pellets received. Therapy is performed every 3 to 6 months. The cost for women averages $500 to $800 every 4 months

Sublingual/Vaginal Tablets given daily comes to between $126 and $222.00, plus a $40 compounding fee. The total would be from $166 to $ 262.00 every 4 months.

Duragel applied to the skin daily would cost and average of $198 to $246.00 ever 4 months.

The difference in cost between BioBalance and other therapies is between $114 and $238 for 4 months of treatment. The cost figured monthly ranges from $28.50 to $59.50.

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