Breast Cancer Part 2

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Breast Cancer is more survivable and avoidable than ever before.

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Episode 38 of the BioBalance Healthcast is the second in a two part series on breast cancer. My co-host, Brett Newcomb, and I talk about:

  • early diagnosis and catching before it spreads
  • huge improvements have been made in last few years and survivability is increased
  • survivability requires early detection, education, having a positive attitude
  • making good health decisions

If you get breast cancer while you’re on hormones, it’s not because of the hormones. You can still get it, but bioidentical hormone treatment doesn’t increase your risk of getting it. Actually, it decreases risk of dying from it. You improve your immune system by taking testosterone, if that’s the only treatment you got, you would decrease your risk of having another type of cancer. A healthy immune system kills cancer cells before they become a mass.

Decrease your risks of getting cancer by:

  • checking your health
  • don’t have fear, cortisol decreases your immune system
  • loose weight
  • exercise
  • don’t abuse of substances like tobacco.

Regarding men and prostate cancer, the biggest fear my male patients have is prostrate cancer. Testosterone does not cause prostate cancer and it has great benefits in reducing the size of the prostate.

For more information about bioidentical hormone pellet treatment visit my website. For in-depth information, review my list of hormone medical articles references.

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