Alternatives to BioBalance Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Treatment

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Beware of products advertised as relief from symptoms of aging.

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On episode 39 of the BioBalance Healthcast we talk about advertised drugs and treatments that are not really replacements for bioidentical hormone pellet therapy.

My co-host, Brett Newcomb, and I talk about the products on the market today that claim to relieve symptoms of aging.

My research shows that most of these products for age management are either unregulated substances from China—which can be dangerous—or they are new names for old substances; a way to market an inexpensive product at a higher price.

Many of the new products depend on the confusing names of the substances included, that sound unique, but are the chemical names for common vitamins and herbs.

Non-prescription Products

Botanicals: cheap and fairly effective is saw palmetto. If there is a new product that is not prescription then it is generally a version of known plants or herbs, that are available in health food stores.

Here are a few examples:

For Men: Ageless Male.

  • Mechanism: decreases DHT
  • Re-Setin-proprietary—no studies—from China
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Astaxin—supports joints, eye health, 4 mg/dose, is an algae, that makes chlorophyll, and highest and best use is protection from the sun damage, UVA sun rays.
  • Other substances that increase neurotransmitters

For Women: Amberen

  • MSG—Increases salt and water retention and headaches
  • works for some for hot flashes, but not for testosterone deficit symptoms
  • might be better for increasing healing and stopping aging

Points To Consider:

  • Where were the products made?
  • How well regulated are they?
  • Is there consistency in the manufacturing process?
  • Are supplies consistently available?
  • Is this product essentially a repackaging and renaming of an established product or a previous product?
  • Is there a human being (or medical professional) available for consultation? And communication? Can you talk to a real person or are you just buying mass market products from China or Russia? Will your experience be similar to getting computer technology advice from India?
  • Are the ingredients common ingredients you can get at a good health food store that have packaged and called something else?

For more information about bioidentical hormone pellet treatment visit my website. For in-depth information, review my list of hormone medical articles references.

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