Are You a Candidate for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy? Part 1

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If you’re considering bioidentical hormone therapy, follow these rules.

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On episode 40 of the BioBalance Healthcast we present the first six of twelve rules to consider before getting bioidentical hormone pellet therapy. My co-host, Brett Newcomb, and I describe the issues and considerations that lead up to getting hormone pellets.

  1. Select the best doctor for the job.
  2. Hormone tests results should always be compared against young healthy normal scores!
  3. Doctors should look at the lab values and the patient history and symptoms all together.
  4. General medical rule of thumb: Always follow the instructions given by the doctor before getting the blood test.
  5. Successful HRT results will cause some test interpreters to say your levels are too high.
  6. Prior to treatment, it is critical to compare testosterone levels against young healthy normal.
  7. TSH test normals are different for men and women.

Listen to next week’s podcast when rule seven through twelve will be covered.

For more information about bioidentical hormone pellet treatment visit my website. For in-depth information, review my list of hormone medical articles references.

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