Anti Aging Medicine and Hormone Replacement in Europe

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We regularly receive requests for information regarding how to obtain Bio-Identical Pellets for hormone replacement in countries other than the United States.

Almost three years ago, we wrote and published a book called “The Secret Female Hormone  (Hay House) in six countries. Since that time we have also maintained a weekly series of Healthcasts/Podcasts dedicated to informational presentations regarding hormone replacement and any current medical information we think our patients would benefit from receiving.  Because of the nature of the Internet, we regularly receive requests for information regarding how to obtain Bio-Identical Pellets for hormone replacement in countries other than the United States.

People have read our book, they have listened to our healthcasts and they have responded requesting data on ways to obtain such services in their own countries. As a result of these requests we have somewhat educated ourselves about the way Anti Aging Medicine is growing and working in countries around the world. We have had people from Germany, England, Canada, and Australia reach out to us with their stories.  When we were in England promoting our book we learned about a few physicians who were knowledgeable about the loss of hormones and the treatments for them, and we were also able to speak to some of them and feel comfortable referring our patients to them. What we have learned is that in every country, there are regulatory boards that constrain or limit the kinds of bio-identical hormone treatments that are available to the public. To obtain Bio-identical Hormone replacement with pellets, like Dr. Maupin uses in her office, one must find physicians who are able and willing to provide these treatments within the bounds of their regulatory system.

Recently a woman in England contacted Dr. Maupin and asked for help finding a way to receive testosterone pellet therapy after a complete hysterectomy. She had read our book and wanted to know where she could go in England to get help. Dr. Maupin suggested that she contact Dr. Studd, who has written most of the medical research articles that we depend upon for our current practice using testosterone pellets for women. We asked that she look him up, make an appointment and take a copy of our book to him and ask for the same kind of help we offer to our patients. She did that and he initially provided bio-identical hormone replacements that were not in pellet form (because the pellets are not available in the UK). He did order Testosterone Pellets from the United States and have them sent to him and then treated her with them by inserting them under her skin like we do.   She has benefited in very positive ways from this treatment and has become an advocate for herself and other women in England in their efforts to obtain Bio Identical Pellets. She now looks and feels healthy and vibrant and is very happy to have benefited from these treatments.  We are so happy we can help women, and give them hope at home in our office, in the US as well as around the world!

It is so exciting to see that our initial reason for writing the book, to give women hope, is paying dividends in countries around the world. We want women everywhere to become knowledgeable and active in seeking Bio-identical Testosterone and estradiol hormone pellet Replacement. We know that if you have access to these treatments, you can delay or avoid entirely the onset of most of the diseases and illnesses of aging. Gradually the medical communities in the United States, and in other countries are beginning to learn about this approach to anti aging medicine and are becoming excited about providing these treatments, but it takes unbelievable courage on the part of the doctors who offer this care as they are always criticized and derided by other clinicians who do not understand the benefits of our therapy. When we read about doctors who step out and take a chance by offering a superior therapy, despite the criticism of his colleagues we want to thank him by telling everyone who wants to listen of his courage and success!

In this vein, we were gratified to receive a blog published in London by a Dr. Nyjon Eccles, who possesses two earned doctorates (Medicine and Pharmacology) and practices anti-aging medicine.  His blog was titled, “Why do We Grow Old”, and he collated all of the research which he uses to treat his patients in one short blog that discusses the fact that the loss of testosterone in both sexes and the lack of estradiol in women, is the one trigger that starts the aging process in humans. In his blog, he articulated almost all of the arguments we have been making for the last several years. These are the arguments we make in our book, The Secret Female Hormone, and the arguments that we make constantly in the United States publically, and in my clinical practice, to push other doctors and governmental regulators to understand, accept, and promote the efficacy of Bio Identical Hormone replacement in the form of pellets to improve the health of aging people.

We cannot express how exciting it is to find physicians from around the world who are getting on the bandwagon and playing the same tune that Dr. Maupin has been playing for over fifteen years in her quest to inform and educate women and their physicians about how we can age gracefully and live independently as we age. With testosterone replacement we can retain our strength and muscle mass, our mobility and we can maintain our active, productive lives as we age. This is the key to aging with health and strength and with this one thing, we all can continue to contribute to our families and our communities!

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.  

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