Anti-Aging Treatments for the Face

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What is it about the face that causes us to look old or young?

This week we have a guest with us, she is Ms Dana Whalen a Licensed Esthetic Nurse at our Medical Spa, BioBalance Skin.

Dana is with us today to talk about the differences between a medical spa, which is what BioBalance Skin is, and a regular spa. Medical spas equipment and procedures are all used under the supervision of a physician. The treatments are only sold to medical practices that are overseen by a physician.

At BioBalance Skin, since it is a medical spa, Dr. Maupin has to go to all of the trainings and learns how to use all of the equipment so that she feels comfortable supervising the treatments that we provide here. This is not required but it is the extra step forward that Dr. Maupin always takes to provide the best in anti-aging medical treatments.

Many of the treatments we provide are consumed by patients at BioBalance Health, where they are obtaining the proper anti-aging hormone replacement to balance their bodies hormones and make them work just as they did when we were younger.

Today we are focusing on the face. What is it about the face that causes us to look old or young? How do we understand the aging process as it manifests in the face? What can we do short of plastic surgery to make improvements?

  • What does age do to Your Face, and what can you do about it with fillers and neurotoxins?
  • Our new and most effective product is a three- part daily treatment: Defenage— is our best choice for treating aging skin and sun damage, and we make a visible difference in texture, support and palpable smoothness.
  • What esthetic treatments can you use to bring your body back to a youthful look?

We have found that we don’t get the results that are what patients want without combining a number of skin rejuvenation treatments at tone time.

Other spas do not generally start with what your goal is and put several treatments together to get your body to the shape you want.  We may use lasers radio waves PRP, and fillers on the body like what we use on the face, but we also make recommendations that improve your outcome like nutrition, exercise, diet and supplements to bring you back to health and there is nothing more beautiful as health!

Each of our esthetic staff have different skills that we used in combination to achieve our patients results. Dana’s talents lie in the area of Botox, fillers and PRP, all put together to elevate the face and fill in the draping “crepey” skin that comes with age and sun damage.

Remember, over the counter products are made to feel good on your skin but they do nothing at the cellular levels. Medical grade treatments work at the cellular level.

We approach these treatments by dividing your face into thirds. We work on each third with different treatments and we have different strategies.  One of the most challenging things to happen with age is that our fat pads under the skin diminish and sometimes move due to changes in our bodies and age. Also, in part because of our life styles and in part because of the weather exposure we have, our skin wrinkles and becomes dry. We have treatments that we use that are aimed at each third of your face. The primary goals would be to tighten and fill your face back out, to improve the collagen in your skin and to help moisturize it and remove the wrinkles in the least invasive way.

This Health cast was written and presented by Dr. Kathy Maupin, M.D., Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Expert and Author, with Brett Newcomb, MA., LPC., Family Counselor, Presenter and Author.

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