LED Red Light Therapy is another path to healthy aging without disease

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Look and feel younger with Red Light Therapy.

Do you want more energy, improved your immunity, develop better skin and to look younger? These are just a few of the benefits of Red Light (LED therapy), and BioBalance Skin has a Red Light Sauna.

Our Red Light sauna is a 20 minute treatment that you can have once a day every day if you want to.  You just have to be willing to sweat….but you can sit and work on your phone or computer for 20 minutes while you just sit there.  Red Light Saunas make you younger and healthier with an improved immune system just by sitting there—it is a cellular cleanse.

Recommended treatments are 1- 3 x a week, for 20 minutes.  It will dehydrate you and you should drink water before and after the therapy.

Facts: Did you know that red light therapy also called LED Therapy and can activate your metabolism by exciting the mitochondria within your cells that are contained in your cells of your major organs and metabolic systems in your body.

We recommend weekly Red Light therapy in our redlight spa at BioBalance Skin. A Red Light sauna treatment is 20 minutes long.

Instructions: You should bring clothing you can sweat in, that expose at least your arms and legs, but more skin exposure the better.  Your skin absorbs the red light, and it stimulates every part of your body. You will get hot and sweat but your phone and laptop will not, you can work in the sauna, but it is more effective if you are relaxing for 20 minutes.

BioBalance Skin® : Please schedule your 20 minute appointment by calling BioBalance Skin®  at (314) 648-5710.

We provide towels to sit on and dry off with, and the redlight sauna with each treatment.

The cost is $35 for each 20-minute treatment Monthly packages of 8 treatments are $245/use within a month – a year, 8 treatments per month or spread them out within a year from the first treatment.

You will sweat so be hydrated when you come to BioBalance Skin®. You can drink water while you are in the sauna too.

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