Laser Therapy Now at BioBalance 4 Women

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You should look as good as you feel!

Life seems to show all over our faces, even if we are well! There are many ways to look better: diet, exercise and nutrition, but your skin still shows your age and the number of hours you have spent in the sun!

The best way to look as young as you feel is to uncover your “youthful” skin again, by resurfacing it and stimulating the collagen below it. It seems we all have something that bugs us about our skin: wrinkles, age spots, redness from rosacea, acne, large pores, stretch marks, broken vessels or sagging skin.

BioBalance now has a Laser and Light Therapy medical spa right in our office! We offer the tools you need to get rid of those irritating aspects of your skin that remind you of your age.

Start the process by scheduling a consultation with one of the Laser Specialists in our office. Call BioBalance Health at 314-993-0963, ext. 3 and leave your name and number and your request for a Laser Consultation. We will begin the skin rejuvenation process so you can look as good as you feel.

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