Botanical Skin Care Products

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Spa-quality skin care products help you look as good as you feel.

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BioBalance Healthcast episode 42 is a review of the collection of botanical skin care products I developed as Medical Director of Halina Andre. Brett Newcomb and I talk about the skin care needs of men and women and how I carefully selected and formulated products that are superior to what is on the market.

My products for women are available for dry and sensitive skin; oily and problem skin, and normal skin. My Men’s products are for normal skin and oily skin. I also offer products that can be used for all skin types. They include Azelaic Toner, Soothing Rehydrating Gel, Eye Make-up Remover, and more.

In addition to our botanical skin care products available for purchase at our online store, BioBalance Health in St. Louis, Missouri provides esthetic and skin rejuvenation services including, jet peel and laser treatments to remove hair, spots and stretch marks.

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