Are You a Candidate for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy? Part 2

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Rules for making a decision on getting bioidentical hormone pellet therapy.

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On episode 41 of the BioBalance Healthcast we present the remaining six rules of my list of 12 to follow when making the decision to start bioidentical hormone pellet therapy. These rules are a process you should apply before making that important medical decision.

  • TSH test normals are different for men and women.
  • Basal body temperatures are critical data to consider for hypothyroidism.
  • Remember to look at the whole picture for a gland and not focus on one specific hormone.
  • Remember when looking at individual hormone levels the Pituitary’s stimulatory process must be checked before and after interventions.
  • Generally, when a doctor says your tests are normal, it means that the tests he ran are within normal values.
  • Remember: Unless your doctor is trained and current in his knowledge of hormone tests, the recommendations you receive may not be accurate.

Listen to episode 40, Are You a Candidate for Bioidentical hormone Therapy? Part 2.

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