BioBalance Health Reverse-aging Overview

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After we balance your hormones, we treat your skin; You’ll look as good as you feel!

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In episode 24 of the BioBalance Health Podcast Brett Newcomb and I present an overview of the reverse-aging services offered at BioBalance Health.

Soon after I discovered and found success with bioidentical hormone pellets for treatment of symptoms of aging, I began to offer additional treatments that contribute to the reverse-aging process. I use a detailed process to find the most natural and highest quality vitamin supplements including DIM, B12 and Vemma—a liquid general vitamin that improves the immune system and decreases cardiac CRP and blood sugar.

At BioBalance Health, we also focus on weight loss and lifestyle changes that solve a range of our patient’s health problems.

Skin care is another service we offer at BioBalance Health. I have developed my own line of botanical skin care products which assists in making patients look as good as they feel.

Laser and atheistic services are available at our St. Louis office. With three laser specialist and an esthetician on staff, patients can get treatment including removal of hair, brown spots and wrinkles, and reduction of stretch marks and scars.

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